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Digital rights legal fund targets COVID-19 violations with grants

Sep 17 2020

AMSTERDAM (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As governments embrace tracing apps to stem the spread of COVID-19, a Dutch-based organisation announced grants this week to fight alleged violations of digital rights during the coronavirus pandemic.

Netherlands wants to punish silence on sex abuse in closed communities

Aug 28 2020

AMSTERDAM (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The Dutch government wants to prosecute members of private groups and communities who fail to report sexual abuse in their organisations, a move that comes after Jehovah's Witnesses rejected demands to tackle the under-reporting of abuse.

Dutch online store bans 'Black Pete' merchandise as 'hurtful'

Aug 20 2020

AMSTERDAM (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Dutch online retailer Bol.com has become the latest firm to ban products depicting "Black Pete", a caricatured figure from pre-Christmas celebrations, in response to anti-racism campaigns.

Dutch government uncovers holiday camps for 'conversion therapy'

Jun 11 2020

AMSTERDAM (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In the Netherlands, 15 organisations and individuals offer so-called "conversion therapy" aiming to make gay people straight, the health ministry said, as it mulls a ban on the discredited practice which can cause severe mental health problems.

Refugees take Germany to court over mobile phone data checks

May 05 2020

AMSTERDAM (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Three refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Cameroon are suing the German state for accessing personal data on their mobile phones, arguing it was an unnecessary invasion of privacy, their lawyer said on Tuesday.

Asylum seeker wins right to leave German centre over coronavirus rules

Apr 23 2020

AMSTERDAM (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A German court has ruled that an asylum seeker should be allowed to leave the holding centre where he was staying after he argued it was too crowded to respect coronavirus distancing rules, a decision refugee campaigners called "ground-breaking".

Dutch students raise privacy concerns over online exam surveillance

Apr 21 2020

AMSTERDAM (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Dutch students have accused universities of violating their privacy by using monitoring software to prevent cheating in exams being conducted online because of the coronavirus.

Europe's new jobless urged to pick fruit amid huge farm labour shortage

Apr 15 2020

AMSTERDAM/ROME, April 15 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When the coronavirus pandemic shut his restaurant German chef Patrick Mayer swapped his kitchen knives for farm tools and now spends his days harvesting asparagus – work normally done by seasonal labourers from Romania.

Netherlands suspects trafficking of Vietnamese minors through asylum centers

Mar 26 2020

AMSTERDAM (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Almost all the Vietnamese children who arrived in Dutch asylum centers in recent years disappeared and were probably trafficked, the Dutch government advisor on human trafficking has said.

Dutch sex workers risk trafficking and abuse as coronavirus bites

Mar 19 2020

AMSTERDAM (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Dutch sex workers risk being trafficked and mistreated by dangerous clients as the shutdown of Amsterdam's sex clubs, to prevent the spread of coronavirus, is likely to drive the trade underground, according to sex industry campaigners.

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Analysis: Biden would face uncertain path to detente with wary Iran

Joe Biden plans to scrap what he calls the "dangerous failure" of President Donald Trump's maximum pressure policy on Iran should he win the U.S. election, but after years of confrontation his diplomacy-first approach to a historic Middle East foe could prove an unforgiving challenge.