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Second Greek migrant camp in flames as arrivals continue to rise

Oct 15 2019

ATHENS A fire in a severely overcrowded migrant camp in Greece forced hundreds of people into the streets, compounding their plight with more refugees arriving on Greek islands daily in what an aid group called a worsening "nightmare".

Greece says Turkey can and must control migrant flows to Europe

Oct 04 2019

ATHENS Greece's prime minister accused Turkey on Friday of appearing to "exploit" Europe's migrant crisis for its own ends and said Ankara could and should control migrant flows to the continent.

Greece to increase border patrols and deportations to curb migrant influx

Aug 31 2019

ATHENS Greece is to step up border patrols, move asylum-seekers from its islands to the mainland and speed up deportations in an effort to deal with a resurgence in migrant flows from neighboring Turkey.

Greece sees first mass arrival of migrant boats in three years

Aug 30 2019

ATHENS Over a dozen migrant boats landed on Greece's Lesbos island within minutes of each other on Thursday in the first such mass arrival from neighboring Turkey in three years, officials said, prompting Greece to summon Turkey's ambassador.

Pakistan's street cricketers bring game to life in Greece

Jul 04 2019

ATHENS In a barren Athens parking lot, young Pakistanis get in position for a game of cricket. On one end of the dust-covered concrete is a trash can; on the other, a pile of rocks. That is their pitch, and those are its wickets.

Turning boats into bags, refugee stitches together life in Greece

Jun 05 2019

ATHENS Bent over a sewing machine, Fariba Amini stitches her latest design using the unlikeliest of fabrics: a sheet from a discarded rubber dinghy, like the one that brought her and thousands more refugees to Greece.

Blast smashes windows, wrecks offices at Greece's SKAI TV in 'attack on democracy'

Dec 17 2018

ATHENS A powerful blast smashed windows and wrecked offices at Greece's SKAI TV in Athens on Monday in what officials called an attack on democracy. No one was injured. | Video

Greece's 'red gold': saffron trade blooms in wilted economy

Nov 09 2018

KROKOS, Greece Every autumn, Zisis Kyrou is more often found plucking flowers in northern Greece's purple saffron fields than in his office as a civil engineer. | Video

For women in Greek migrant camps, even showers are unsafe: Amnesty

Oct 05 2018

ATHENS Women in Greek migrant camps are too scared to leave their tents at night or use communal showers, and many pregnant women have to sleep on the floor in unsanitary conditions, Amnesty International said on Friday.

IRC warns of mental health crisis on Lesbos as Greece moves asylum seekers

Sep 25 2018

ATHENS Greece moved another 400 people from its biggest migrant camp on Tuesday as the International Rescue Committee (IRC) charity warned of a mental health emergency there with 30 percent of people having attempted suicide.

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