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Kate Kelland

Dioxins in food more harmful than thought, EU watchdog says

9:39am EST

LONDON The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) on Tuesday slashed its recommended limits in food of dioxins and related toxins - chemicals that have been linked to problems with reproductive health, the immune system, hormone levels and tooth enamel.

Faltering malaria fight should refocus on high-risk countries, says WHO

Nov 19 2018

LONDON Global health authorities need to counter a worrying lull in the fight against malaria by focusing their efforts on the near-dozen mostly African countries where it claims most lives, the World Health Organization said. | Video

Low emission zones improve city air, but not enough: study

Nov 14 2018

LONDON London's low emission traffic zone has modestly reduced residents' exposure to diesel engine pollution, but the better air quality has not brought improved lung health among the capital's children, research found on Wednesday.

Scientists to swap dusty old kilogram for something more stable

Nov 12 2018

LONDON, After years of nursing a sometimes dusty cylinder of metal in a vault outside Paris as the global reference for modern mass, scientists are updating the definition of the kilogram. | Video

Scientists angry at UK visa denials for African, Asian researchers

Nov 08 2018

LONDON, Scientists in Britain expressed concern on Thursday after at least 17 delegates from Africa and Asia wanting to attend a health conference in London were denied visas.

Just $2 per person a year could halt deadly superbugs, OECD says

Nov 07 2018

LONDON, Halting the rise of deadly drug-resistant "superbug" infections that kill millions around the world could cost just $2 per person a year, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said on Wednesday.

Melinda Gates urges backing for 'human capital' of mother and child health

Nov 05 2018

LONDON Millions of women and babies could avoid untimely deaths if international donors step up to replenish a global health fund so it can expand to 50 countries, the philanthropist Melinda Gates said on Tuesday.

Gene study reveals secrets of parasitic worms, possible treatments

Nov 05 2018

LONDON The largest study to date of the genetic makeup of parasitic worms has found hundreds of new clues about how they invade the human body, evade its immune system and cause disease.

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