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The unintended consequences of China's coal cuts: pain for steel mills

Sep 23 2016

BEIJING The unintended consequences of China's efforts to shrink its coal industry emerged this week as Beijing called another last-minute industry meeting after government-enforced mine closures choked off coking coal supplies to troubled steel mills.

INTERVIEW-Beijing Gas plans $1 bln a yr spending on pipelines, storage

Sep 23 2016

BEIJING, Sept 23Beijing Gas Group said it plans to spend up to $1.2 billion a year over 2017 and 2018 to build pipelines and storage to meet a surge in demand for the cleaner-burning fuel in the Chinese capital and beyond by the end of the decade.

China's coal producers seek approval to increase output: sources

Sep 08 2016

BEIJING/SINGAPORE China's coal producers have sought government approval for a plan to increase output, sources said on Thursday, partially reversing efforts to cut capacity that has sent prices soaring and depleted domestic stockpiles this year.

China to use carbon scheme to boost electric car numbers: draft rules

Aug 12 2016

BEIJING China, the world's biggest auto producer, plans to include carmakers in its planned national carbon trading scheme to encourage the manufacture of more electric vehicles, according to a draft of rules being circulated in the industry.

China eyes gas distribution price cut to boost consumption: state media

Aug 01 2016

BEIJING China, the world's third-largest natural gas consumer, is planning to lower distribution prices for gas, part of anticipated sector reforms to boost use of the cleaner-burning fuel, state media reported.

China launches new alert system to tame wind power investments

Jul 21 2016

BEIJING China has launched a risk alerting system to prevent further investments in wind power generation in certain locations, after large amounts of power were wasted due to inadequate power transmission infrastructure.

China needs market reform, emission rules to boost gas use: industry

Jun 29 2016

BEIJING China needs broader market reform and tighter emission regulations to promote natural gas as the most effective fuel to cut its emissions, industry executives said on Wednesday.

China plans energy-sector technology capacity boost over next decade

Jun 21 2016

BEIJING China wants to boost its domestic capacity to produce cutting-edge energy technologies in the next decade to challenge international energy majors in areas like offshore oil and gas exploration and building state-of-the-art thermal power plants.

China resumes environmental approval of coal-to-gas projects

May 20 2016

BEIJING Chinese regulators have approved three new coal-to-gas (CTG) projects, ending a suspension lasting more than a year amid doubts about pollution risks as well as the economic viability of the technology.

China to boost nuclear fuel reserves to feed new reactors

Mar 11 2016

BEIJING China will expand its strategic uranium reserve as part of its "five-year plan" for 2016-2020, with the aim of ensuring it has enough fuel to supply a massive program of new nuclear reactors.

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U.S. urges diplomacy as Nagorno-Karabakh fighting rages

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged Armenia and Azerbaijan to pursue a diplomatic solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict as fighting in and around the mountain enclave entered a second month on Tuesday, defying a ceasefire brokered in Washington.