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Factbox: Forget lemurs - Eight things you didn't know about Madagascar

Jun 07 2016

ANTANANARIVO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Madagascar is suffering a third consecutive year of drought and its poorest rainy season in 35 years. More than 1.1 million people are unable to feed themselves.

Lack of water limits Madagascar's climate-smart agriculture

Jun 02 2016

BESAKOA, Madagascar (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Most days, Hitasoa ignores breakfast and lunch. She is too busy finding enough money to buy food for dinner - and even that is a challenge in Madagascar's dry south, where the worst drought in 35 years has wiped out the maize crop.

Fickle rains torture Madagascar's drought-stricken south

Jun 01 2016

TSIHOMBE, Madagascar (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Like many people in Madagascar's parched south, Ranotongae had been hoping for the heavens to open up and ease the country's poorest rainy season in 35 years.

Killings, kidnappings and burnout: the occupational hazards of aid work

May 12 2016

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - You're an aid worker speeding back to base after a long, cold day questioning people who have fled fighting about what they need to survive. Out of nowhere a girl runs into the road and is knocked over by your driver.

Rescued from slavery, Nepali performers rediscover magic of the circus

Apr 01 2016

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As a little girl, Doli from Nepal found it hard to resist the thrill of the circus, its breathtaking acts, daring performers and dazzling costumes.

Firms show patchy compliance with UK anti-slavery requirements

Mar 07 2016

LONDON, March 7 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Britain may need to enforce better reporting of what companies are doing to erase slavery from their supply chains, after corporate statements show dozens of firms have not fully complied with landmark legislation, two pressure groups said.

Thai hotels accused of poor pay, ill-treatment of migrant staff

Dec 09 2015

LONDON, Dec 9 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Many migrants working as waiters, gardeners and cleaners in Thailand's booming tourism sector face below minimum wage pay, discrimination and no paid leave, according to an investigation of labour abuses in the country.

Migrants processing Thai chicken exports abused, exploited-researchers

Nov 25 2015

LONDON, Nov 25 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Migrants processing Thai chicken for its biggest export market, Europe, face widespread abuse by their employers, partly because foreign auditors have focused on food safety rather than workers' conditions, researchers said on Wednesday.

Campaigners hope others follow Nestle in admitting and acting on slave labour in its products

Nov 24 2015

LONDON, Nov 24 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Nestle's admission that slave labour is used to produce its seafood sourced from Thailand sets an example for other companies who need to join forces to push the Thai government to clean up its supply chain, campaigners said on Tuesday.

All companies have slave labour in supply chains but it can be stopped-Tesco

Nov 18 2015

LONDON, Nov 18 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - All businesses around the world have some form of slave labour in their supply chains but companies can find ways to eradicate this abuse, a senior official from Britain's biggest retailer, Tesco Plc , said on Wednesday.

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