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Tech traps UK teens in mental health crisis - can it save them?

Jul 28 2019

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For the British teachers grappling with a mental health crisis in the classroom, running a suicide watch or rushing psychotic pupils to hospital can increasingly fall into a day's work.

When Women Rule: Kenyan rebel evades child marriage and Maasai curses to win power

Oct 23 2017

KAJIADO, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - After outmaneuvering her illiterate father three times by the age of 18 to escape his plans to make her a child bride, Peris Tobiko decided the only way to protect other Maasai girls in Kenya from harmful traditions was to become a leader.

Squatters battle Kenya's ex-president and charities over wildlife park

Jul 20 2017

NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Samburu herders in Kenya are fighting for control of 17,000 acres of land that a former president sold to become a national park, in a case fraught with tensions over conservation and colonial dispossession.

Kenya's nomads swap guns for tourist dollars to end turf wars

Jun 29 2017

ISIOLO, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - It looked like a hostage swap only the currency was livestock and the mission was to end decades of deadly clashes.

Gucci purses and watermelons: dreaming of a better future for Kenya's hungry north

Jun 23 2017

NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Kenya can escape the 'Groundhog Day' of recurrent hunger crises by investing in irrigated farming and leather tanneries in its arid lands, experts said on Friday, as poor spring rains have failed to relieve biting drought.

Politics of Death: Colonial scars and drought feed Kenya land wars

Jun 22 2017

LAIKIPIA, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Kenyan farmer Martin Evans pushed open the bullet-holed wooden door to reveal a pool of blood where Duncan Murimi, a manager at his cattle ranch in northern Kenya, had been shot by intruders.

Maasai land loss raises tensions in Kenya ahead of elections

Jun 20 2017

NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Kenya's opposition leader has raised tensions weeks ahead of elections by criticizing the Maasai community's sale of ancestral land to other ethnic groups in an area hit by political violence in the 1990s, land rights experts said.

Record hunger in Horn of Africa pushes development banks to step in

Jun 13 2017

NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - With a record-breaking 26.5 million people going hungry in the Horn of Africa, development banks are increasing their humanitarian funding to fill a gap left by traditional donors, a high-level mission said on Tuesday.

Medics and school staff forcibly recruited in South Sudan's war

Jun 13 2017

NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Staff working in South Sudan's health centers and schools have been forcibly recruited by armed groups, causing facilities to close, the United Nations said, as it struggles to provide aid in one of the world's most dangerous war zones.

British lawyer shines light on ‘dark shadows’ of colonial evictions

May 30 2017

NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Well-known in Kenya for successfully defending deputy-president William Ruto against war crimes charges, British lawyer Karim Khan has taken on another controversial case - digging into the "dark shadows" of the country's colonial past.

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