Kent Harrington

Commentary: Trump’s nuke focus misses Kim Jong Un’s real leverage

May 24 2018

Kim Jong Un has decided to show Donald Trump that the White House hasn’t cornered the market on drama, much less the Nobel Prize for bringing the two Koreas peace in their time. As the leader of a regime known for its bombast and abrupt about-faces, Kim’s threat to cancel their meeting in Singapore next month is par for the course in dealing with Pyongyang. But Kim also is sending a message: their agenda needs to go beyond his nuclear weapons and missiles.

Commentary: Xi’s power boost raises new risks for Silicon Valley

Mar 20 2018

With the end of constitutional limits on his presidential term, Xi Jinping’s decision to opt for unlimited tenure should eliminate any doubt that Beijing will ease up on its use of high-tech tools to maintain political control. That means it’s time for the U.S. technology industry to make some difficult decisions.

Commentary: The biggest challenge for the National Security Council isn’t North Korea or Russia. It’s Trump.

Mar 30 2017

Government committees rarely make history, but the National Security Council is an exception to the rule.

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