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Khalid Abdelaziz

Sudan peace talks offer little hope for protesters in Darfur

Jul 29 2020

KHARTOUM/DUBAI Efforts to bring stability to Sudan's conflict-ridden Darfur region have failed to reassure residents fearful of rising violence which has cast a shadow over peace negotiations.

Some 120 said to be killed or wounded in attack in Sudan's Darfur region: U.N.

Jul 26 2020

KHARTOUM More than 60 people were reported killed and nearly 60 others wounded during an armed attack in a village in Sudan's restive Darfur region on Saturday, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said late on Sunday.

Sudan finds mass grave believed to have bodies of officers executed by Bashir

Jul 23 2020

KHARTOUM Sudan has found a mass grave that most likely contains remains of 28 army officers executed in 1990 for plotting an attempted coup against the former President Omar al-Bashir, the public prosecutor office said late on Thursday.

UPDATE 2-Sudan's Hamdok says currency to be adjusted as he unveils reforms

Jul 22 2020

KHARTOUM, July 22 Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok announced long-awaited economic and political reforms on Wednesday aimed at rescuing the country's economy and keeping its civilian transition on track after the ouster of Omar al-Bashir last year.

Sudan replaces slew of top ministers to speed political reforms

Jul 09 2020

CAIRO Sudan's prime minister replaced the finance, foreign, energy and health ministers on Thursday as part of a reshuffle aimed at accelerating the country's political transition following calls from pro-democracy groups for faster change.

Donors pledge $1.8 billion for Sudan's troubled transition

Jun 26 2020

BERLIN/KHARTOUM Foreign donor nations pledged $1.8 billion at a conference hosted by Germany to help Sudan ease an economic crisis hampering its transition towards democracy after the fall of strongman Omar al-Bashir. | Video

Sudan pins hopes on Berlin donor meeting as economy nears collapse

Jun 23 2020

KHARTOUM/CAIRO With Sudan's economy at risk of freefall, hammered by inflation exceeding 100% and plagued by shortages of bread, fuel and medicine, the government is pinning its hopes on a conference of potential donors in Berlin this week.

PREVIEW- Sudan pins hopes on Berlin donor meeting as economy nears collapse

Jun 23 2020

* ​Run by shaky transitional coalition of civilians, military

'Hunger is worse than corona': Sudanese demand end to lockdown amid economic woes

Jun 08 2020

KHARTOUM Like many Sudanese, car mechanic Mohamed Othman says the government must end its coronavirus lockdown now so that he can get back to work because "me and my family have no other source of income".

Sudan's PM promises justice on anniversary of sit-in killings

Jun 03 2020

KHARTOUM Sudan's Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok pledged justice on Wednesday for scores of pro-democracy protesters killed a year ago when security forces broke up a sit-in outside the defence ministry.

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