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Khalid Abdelaziz

Sudan's protest coalition calls for civil disobedience campaign

May 08 2019

KHARTOUM Sudanese protest and opposition leaders on Wednesday called for a campaign of civil disobedience in response to what one of them described as the military's "disappointing" answer to their proposals for an interim government.

Sudan military rulers want Sharia law to guide legislation under interim government

May 07 2019

KHARTOUM Sudan's military rulers said on Tuesday they generally agreed with proposals made by protest leaders on the structure of an interim government, but want Islamic Sharia laws and local norms to guide legislation.

Protest in southwest Sudan ends in violence

May 04 2019

KHARTOUM A protest in the South Darfur city of Nyala ended in violence on Saturday, with security forces launching tear gas at protesters and firing gunshots, state news agency SUNA and Sudan's main protest organizer said.

Sudan faces fuel crisis and worsening cash crunch

May 04 2019

KHARTOUM Sudan is facing a pre-Ramadan fuel crisis and a worsening cash crunch less than a month after president Omar al-Bashir was ousted following protests sparked by bread and fuel shortages.

Prosecutor orders Sudan's Bashir interrogated

May 02 2019

KHARTOUM Sudan's public prosecutor on Thursday ordered ousted President Omar al-Bashir to be interrogated on charges of money laundering and financing terrorism, as hundreds of thousands of protesters joined a sit-in to demand the army give way to civilian rule.

Sudanese protest group says military 'not serious' about civilian handover

Apr 30 2019

KHARTOUM Sudan's main protest group said on Tuesday the military does not seem serious about transferring power to civilians after ousting President Omar al-Bashir, as both sides appeared to harden their positions.

Sudan protest group calls for strike amid transition stand-off

Apr 29 2019

KHARTOUM Sudan's main protest group called on Monday for civil disobedience and a general strike as meetings with the country's military rulers failed to provide any breakthrough on the formation of a joint civilian-military transitional council.

Sudan's military and opposition agree in principle to joint council: sources

Apr 27 2019

KHARTOUM Sudan's military rulers and opposition agreed in principle on Saturday to the formation of a joint body to lead a transition from 30 years of autocratic rule by Omar al-Bashir, but not on the new council's make-up, two sources said.

Thousands pray at Sudanese protest site, crowds demand civilian rule

Apr 26 2019

KHARTOUM Thousands of people prayed on Friday outside the defense ministry in Khartoum, site of a massive anti-government sit-in that has continued unabated even after the military removed President Omar al-Bashir from power two weeks ago.

Huge crowds join sit-in outside Sudan's defense ministry

Apr 25 2019

KHARTOUM A huge crowd massed outside Sudan's Defense Ministry on Thursday to demand civilian rule, a Reuters witness said, challenging the Transitional Military Council that removed President Omar al-Bashir earlier this month to cede power.

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