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Khalil Ashawi

'They killed us twice': finding loved ones at last among Syria's tortured dead

Aug 07 2020

AMMAN/IDLIB/BERLIN Some families say it is better to know and mourn. Others say finally learning what happened is worse than dying themselves.

For Syrian family with 16 children, life at Turkish border only gets harder

Jun 16 2020

IDLIB, Syria Providing for 16 children including four sets of twins is only getting harder for Ahmad Yassin al-Ali and his wife Fawza Umri, Syrians who were forced to flee their home nearly a decade ago and are now crammed into a tent at the Turkish border.

Coronavirus quarantine in Syria's northwest looks to shield most vulnerable

May 01 2020

JISR AL-SHUGHOUR, Syria At a quarantine centre in war-torn northern Syria, doctors near the Turkish frontier are providing a first line of defence to prevent the new coronavirus from spreading to one of the world's most vulnerable populations.

In Syria rebel stronghold, building makeshift ventilators to fight virus

Apr 23 2020

IDLIB, Syria A team of volunteers in Syria have cobbled together prototypes of a ventilator and a testing machine - homemade equipment to fight the new coronavirus if it hits the last rebel stronghold, where hospitals lie in ruins after nine years of war.

Some Syrians prefer ruined homes to crowded camps

Apr 20 2020

NAIRAB, Idlib, Syria Taher al-Matar's home in northwest Syria is in ruins but he has gone back to live there anyway, driven by dire conditions in camps for displaced people, where he fears any outbreak of the coronavirus would be devastating.

As rebel-held Syria fears virus, just one machine is there to test

Apr 14 2020

IDLIB, Syria A single machine at Mohamad Shahim Makki's medical centre in Idlib province, part of Syria's last rebel stronghold, is the only alarm that will sound when the coronavirus strikes a population of millions of the world's most vulnerable people.

Displaced Syrians wary of coronavirus risk return to war-torn Idlib

Apr 13 2020

IDLIB, Syria Thousands of displaced Syrians have begun moving back to their homes in war-torn Idlib province despite the risk of renewed conflict, some driven by fear that the new coronavirus could wreak havoc on crowded camps near the Turkish border. | Video

In Syria camp fearing coronavirus, young teachers adapt again

Apr 01 2020

ATMEH, Syria After bombs forced him and his students from their homes, Ahmed Hadaja began teaching in a tent in northwest Syria. And now that the threat of coronavirus has shut even his tented school, he has found a way to carry on.

In Syria's northwest, medics fear the worst if coronavirus hits crowded camps

Mar 11 2020

AZAZ, Syria In Syria's northwest, where people uprooted by war are crammed into camps, medics fear the coronavirus would spread widely if it reaches a country with its healthcare system in ruins.

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