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Wildlife-loving Gabon minister seeks to stamp out illegal logging

Nov 14 2019

JOHANNESBURG (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Gabon's new environment minister, Lee White, a British-born conservationist, has vowed to fight illegal logging by strengthening governance of forests after a national scandal in which about 350 containers of rare kevazingo wood went missing.

Johannesburg seeks to avert 'ecological disaster' from beetle-infested trees

Nov 11 2019

JOHANNESBURG (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Researchers and city officials are racing to understand the extent of a beetle infestation damaging trees across South Africa that, if left unaddressed, could have a ripple effect on the climate, air quality and ecosystems.

How to stay safe in South Africa? Play rugby says women's captain

Nov 07 2019

JOHANNESBURG (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The Springbok women's captain, Babalwa Latsha, said on Thursday that the rugby field is one of the few places she feels safe in South Africa, where a woman is murdered every three hours.

'Stigma follows us': Cape Town's homeless, transgender women fight for recognition

Nov 06 2019

CAPE TOWN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Beneath a bridge in the Cape Town suburb of Woodstock, a strung-together network of blankets serves as a refuge for a group of women fighting stigma on many fronts.

Dusty air, milky water: South African photographer captures coal-mining pollution

Oct 25 2019

JOHANNESBURG (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Gas-billowing coal plants, cracked earth, abandoned mines and lifeless water. These are some of the stark images documenting coal mining pollution in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa.

Guns or yoga? City crime fighters in South Africa and Colombia

Oct 16 2019

JOHANNESBURG/ MEDELLIN (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Mothibi Pheko's gun rested across his bullet-proof vest as he patrolled a lush Johannesburg suburb backed by an array of high-tech tools to combat South Africa's notoriously violent thieves.

Armed with trumpets, South African men blow away street crime against women

Sep 30 2019

JOHANNESBURG (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - During the 2010 football World Cup in South Africa, the vuvuzela - a long, colorful plastic trumpet - gained international fame for the way it filled stadiums with a loud, buzzing sound of fan support. | Video

FEATURE-'This is our home': Kenya islanders demand say in foreign-backed projects

Sep 14 2019

LAMU, Kenya, Sept 14 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Armed with maps, activists on the tourist island of Lamu have managed to stall plans for Kenya's first coal-powered plant as local communities become more vocal about rising numbers of foreign-backed projects on their doorsteps.

Factbox: Six months after cyclones, Pope spotlights Mozambique's needs

Sep 04 2019

JOHANNESBURG (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Pope Francis set off for Mozambique on Wednesday, six months after the poor southern African nation was struck by the worst two cyclones in its history, which flooded villages, flattened a major port city and killed more than 600 people.

'No safe place': South African women suffering 'epidemic' of violence, activists warn

Sep 03 2019

JOHANNESBURG (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Activists have warned of an “epidemic” of violence against women in South Africa after a spate of killings and rapes sparked outrage in a country with one of the world’s highest murder rates.

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