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Taxis for ladies: Putting the brakes on crime in South African city

Jan 18 2021

JOHANNESBURG (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - From a women-only driving school to an all-female taxi service - a South African activist-turned-entrepreneur is tackling high rates of sexual assault by providing safe transport in one of the country's most crime-ridden areas.

Piped water boosts women's health, happiness and income in rural Zambia

Jan 14 2021

JOHANNESBURG (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - From growing vegetables to spending more time with their children, women's quality of life improved drastically after piped water was installed near their homes in rural Zambia, Stanford University researchers said on Thursday.

Africa's leap to clean energy seen needing policy change, investment

Jan 11 2021

JOHANNESBURG, Jan 11 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - R enewable energy is expected to account for less than 10% of Africa's electricity generation by 2030, showing massive investment is needed to unlock the continent's wind and solar power potential, researchers said on Monday.

S. Africa's plan to record all babies' biometrics raises privacy fears

Jan 07 2021

JOHANNESBURG (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Plans to photograph and fingerprint every baby born in South Africa for a digital register could lead to data leaks and identity theft without robust safeguards, rights experts said on Thursday.

Rural South Africans fight for Zulu king to return their land

Dec 09 2020

JOHANNESBURG (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Rural South Africans took a trust controlled by the Zulu king to court on Wednesday, seeking to cancel agreements which they say forced them to pay rent as tenants on their ancestral lands.

Jewellery brands urged to do more to fight gold, diamond mining abuses

Nov 24 2020

JOHANNESBURG (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As jewellery sales get a pre-Christmas boost, consumers were warned on Tuesday that major brands are still not doing enough to combat human rights and environmental abuses in their gold and diamond supply chains.

Speedy deeds: Zanzibar goes digital to prove property ownership

Nov 24 2020

(Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A team of Zanzibari data collectors armed with tablets have gathered enough information from hundreds of people on the Tanzanian archipelago to issue each of them a deed to their land in 20 minutes - a process that typically takes up to five years.

Women and girls bear brunt of Africa 'transport poverty'

Nov 12 2020

JOHANNESBURG (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Long queues in the rain, daily four-hour trips in a public taxi, the constant threat of road accidents, and nearly having to use a pen as a knife to fight off an aggressive male passenger.

As Cape Town races to save water, risk of 'Day Zero' drought seen rising

Nov 09 2020

JOHANNESBURG (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Cape Town faces an 80% higher chance of another 'Day Zero' drought by the end of the century if greenhouse gas-emissions keep rising at current rates, research showed on Monday, as the South African city races to safeguard water supplies.

Trash for cash: South Africans fight hunger with digital currency

Nov 09 2020

JOHANNESBURG (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Mimi Ngalula never imagined cardboard boxes, cans and bottles would save her five children from hunger during lockdown, but over the past four months, digging through Johannesburg's trash cans has become her lifeline.

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