Kimberley Brown

FEATURE-'Trapped again': Quarantined Ecuador indigenous groups fight Amazon oil spill

Sep 05 2020

QUITO, Sept 5 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When the Kichwa community closed off their village near the Coca River in Ecuador's northern Amazon rainforest in March to protect themselves from the coronavirus pandemic, they planned to live off fishing and whatever food they could grow.

'Big step but not enough': Ecuador debates easing abortion law in rape cases

Mar 05 2019

QUITO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Gabriela doesn't remember when she was raped, because she was passed out when it happened.

California split over carbon trading plan for tropical forests

Jan 09 2019

QUITO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Indigenous leaders from tropical forest nations have urged Californian regulators to reject a proposed international carbon trading scheme, arguing it would violate forest peoples' rights.

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