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Kiyoshi Takenaka

In quake-prone Japan, attention shifts to flood risks as heavy rains increase

Sep 12 2018

TOKYO Japanese have long been conditioned to prepare for earthquakes, but recent powerful typhoons and sudden, heavy rains have brought to the forefront another kind of disaster: flooding. | Video

Japan struggles to restore water to flood-hit towns

Jul 13 2018

KURASHIKI, Japan Municipal workers in western Japan struggled on Friday to restore water supplies a week after floods caused by a record downpour killed more than 200 people in the worst such disaster in 36 years.

Japan struggles to restore water supply to flood-hit towns as temperatures soar

Jul 13 2018

KURASHIKI, Japan, July 13 Municipal workers in Japan struggled on Friday to restore water supply in the flood-hit western region a week after inundation caused by a record downpour killed more than 200 people in the worst weather disaster in 36 years.

Japan faces 'frequent' disasters as flood toll reaches 200

Jul 12 2018

KURASHIKI, Japan Japan risks more severe weather and must find ways to alleviate disasters, a government spokesman said on Thursday, as intense heat and water shortages raised fear of disease among survivors of last week's floods and landslides. | Video

Japan struggles to get help to victims of worst floods in decades

Jul 11 2018

KURASHIKI, Japan Japan struggled on Tuesday to restore utilities after its worst weather disaster in 36 years killed at least 155 people, with survivors facing health risks from broiling temperatures and a lack of water, while rescuers kept up a grim search for victims. | Video

Japan PM visits flood disaster zone, promises help as new warnings issued

Jul 11 2018

KUMANO, Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited flood-stricken parts of Japan on Wednesday as the death toll from the worst weather disaster in 36 years reached 176 and health concerns rose amid scorching heat and the threat of new floods. | Video

Rescuers search for survivors after Japan floods kill at least 126

Jul 09 2018

KURASHIKI, Japan Rescuers in western Japan dug through mud and rubble early on Tuesday, racing to find survivors after torrential rain that began last week unleashed floods and landslides that killed up to 130 people, with dozens missing. | Video

Torrential rains kill at least 88 in western Japan

Jul 08 2018

KURASHIKI, Japan The death toll from torrential rain and landslides in western Japan rose to 88 people early on Monday, with dozens still missing after the rescue of more than 2,000 stranded in the city of Kurashiki. | Video

Japan executes leader, six followers, of sarin attack doomesday cult

Jul 06 2018

TOKYO Japan executed on Friday the former leader of a doomsday cult and six other members of the group that carried out a sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995, killing 13 people and shattering the country's myth of public safety. | Video

Aging Japan: Akita prefecture may be glimpse of country's graying future

Jul 04 2018

AKITA, Japan On a recent weekday morning, a group of men in their 70s and 80s gathered for baseball practice just down the road from a junior high school where students were arriving to start the day.

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