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Kizito Makoye

Tanzania slammed for 'misguided' arrest of pregnant schoolgirls

Jan 10 2018

DAR ES SALAAM/NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Campaigners on Wednesday condemned authorities in Tanzania for arresting five schoolgirls for being pregnant, saying they should have arrested the men who impregnated them instead.

Bike sharing helps Johannesburg township commuters beat the traffic

Oct 25 2017

JOHANNESBURG (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Nxumalo Ndlovu used to catch a bus from his home in Alexandra township to his job in Sandton, a posh city business district.

Tanzanian city gets new sewage scheme to curb disease, ocean pollution

Sep 11 2017

DAR ES SALAAM (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For Andrew Kilula, the wastewater perpetually seeping from his toilet presents a daunting and costly challenge.

Mobile power payments and smart meters plug in Tanzanian homes

Sep 06 2017

DAR ES SALAAM (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When Asteria Lymo saw her prepaid electricity meter was short of units, she grabbed her smartphone and bought some using Tigo Pesa, a local application that allows customers to pay their utility bills on their mobile phones.

Six jailed in Tanzania for chopping off hand of albino boy

Sep 04 2017

DAR ES SALAAM (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A Tanzanian court has sentenced six men to 20 years in jail each for chopping off the hand of an albino boy in the hope of selling it as a witchcraft charm.

Buzz as world's biggest drone drug deliveries take off in Tanzania

Aug 29 2017

NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Tanzania is set to launch the world's largest drone delivery network in January, with drones parachuting blood and medicines out of the skies to save the lives of women giving birth and children struck by malaria, in a country larger than Nigeria.

Tanzania charges mob with killing, burning five 'witches'

Aug 22 2017

DAR ES SALAAM (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A Tanzanian court has charged 32 people with murder after five women suspected of witchcraft were beaten to death, and their corpses burned, in a move which could help to deter such killings.

Tanzania's circumcisers swap cows' tails for commerce

Aug 21 2017

DAR ES SALAAM (Thomson Reuters Foundation)— - When a group of elderly Tanzanian women asked Martha Daud to start circumcising girls 30 years ago, she was honored as it meant she would earn money, status and choice cuts of meat.

Tanzania seizes ex-PM's farm in crackdown on 'idle' land

Aug 17 2017

DAR ES SALAAM (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Tanzania's former prime minister Frederick Sumaye has accused the government of unfairly taking almost 800 acres of farmland he and his wife owned, as it presses ahead with a campaign to seize idle agricultural land for redistribution to poor farmers.

Trust the nurse? Not everyone does in Tanzania

Aug 03 2017

DAR ES SALAAM (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Florence Nightingale would turn in her grave if she heard some of the stories circulating in Tanzania about how nurses treat their pregnant patients.

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