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Geek bliss: Japanese man pledges to have, hold and cherish a hologram

Nov 16 2018

TOKYO When newlywed Akihiko Kondo returns from work at a middle school in a Tokyo suburb, he is greeted by the love of his life, who lights up - literally - in welcome. | Video

Face off: Realistic masks made in Japan find demand from tech, car companies

Nov 15 2018

OTSU, Japan Super-realistic face masks made by a tiny company in rural Japan are in demand from the domestic tech and entertainment industries and from countries as far away as Saudi Arabia. | Video

Secret to Japan couple's 80 years of marriage: wife's patience

Sep 04 2018

TAKAMATSU, Japan Japan is known for its abundance of centenarians and can now lay claim to having the world's oldest living married couple, with a combined age of 208 - a feat the wife credits to her patience during 80 years of marriage. | Video

'Hazmat' suit statue near site of Japanese nuclear disaster sparks uproar

Aug 14 2018

FUKUSHIMA, Japan A statue of a child wearing what appears to be a hazardous material suit unveiled near the site of a Japanese nuclear disaster has drawn a barrage of criticism from residents and forced the sculptor to apologize.

Japanese inventors step up to offer relief from sweltering heat

Jul 20 2018

TOKYO A jacket with built-in fans, a road coating to rein in heat and factory mist sprayers were on offer at a trade fair in the Japanese capital on Thursday as it struggles with record heat two years before it hosts the Summer Olympics. | Video

Japan's ethnic Koreans loyal to Pyongyang look to summit to bring peace, boost status

Jun 07 2018

(This version of story refiled to fix paragraph 4 broken link)

Japan's ethnic Koreans loyal to Pyongyang look to summit to bring peace, boost status

Jun 07 2018

(This June 6 story was refiled to fix paragraph 4 broken link)

Boarding now for a flight from Tokyo to Paris that never takes off

Feb 15 2018

TOKYO Fasten your seatbelts for a flight departing to Paris, and never leave the ground. | Video

Japanese pop group chants cryptocurrency choruses

Jan 13 2018

TOKYO A Japanese pop group hopped on the bitcoin bandwagon on Friday, dedicating themselves to singing and dancing about the cryptocurrencies that have taken the world by storm, and especially their homeland. | Video

Tuna goes for $323,000 at Tokyo fish market's final New Year auction

Jan 05 2018

TOKYO In the final New Year's auction at Tokyo's famed Tsukiji fish market on Friday, the owner of an international sushi restaurant shelled out more than $300,000 for a prime bluefin tuna and said he was "very happy" with the result. | Video

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