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Larry Downing

A Zeppelin flashback

Jun 06 2013

If you close your eyes while sitting out in the audience you’ll find yourself easily back in 1969 when “Led Zeppelin” ruled the rock world and music fans followed in awe. | Video

Two Candidates… Smiles Apart

Oct 18 2012

Both men have so far scored high marks as fearless debaters eloquently pointing out the glaring weaknesses and flaws hiding inside the “other” party’s ideologue with precise, intellectual arguments measuring up to the price of their Harvard University degrees.

A wet heat

Jul 09 2012

Last week’s news was the continued heat and the only accurate way to illustrate it as a news photographer was to hydrate up and bravely step into it.

Addicted to the needle

Jun 29 2012

Born out of man’s desire to draw more than straight, simple lines, today’s tattoos have evolved into beautiful interpretations by savvy artists that bend those old lines into colorful masterpieces etched onto a virgin canvas of skin with sharp needles and bright inks.

The secret handshake

Jun 11 2012

Most “civilians” remain clueless as to what they witnessed even though it happened right in front of them - seeing nothing more than a stone-faced soldier or Marine at attention quietly facing a commanding officer, politician, or at best a nation’s President, before reaching out firmly to shake hands.

Inside an NFL Locker Room

Nov 23 2011

Hey football fans… imagine walking past the solid steel doors guarding the locker room outside one of the National Football League’s most treasured teams and standing inside watching 60 professional athletes preparing to take the spotlight in front of 70,000 expecting Baltimore fans.

Where were you on 9/11?

Sep 05 2011

It's a simple question understood by anyone alive on September 11, 2001.

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