Laura Mannering

'Times are changing': Spain's Roma renew fight for rights

Feb 17 2021

MADRID (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Julian Borja Hernandez studied hard to avoid the struggle his father faced, making ends meet as a market trader. Now he tends the same stall and says his career prospects were stymied as a member of Spain's marginalised Roma minority.

Gender violence takes centre-stage in new Spanish opera

Jan 08 2021

MADRID The death of a woman at the hands of her former lover is played out repeatedly in a dark new take on a classic opera in Madrid that seeks to leave audiences questioning their own attitudes to gender violence.

Spanish women fight for control of childbirth as COVID-19 curbs rights

Nov 13 2020

MADRID (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As she struggled through painful labour contractions, Spanish nurse Teresa pleaded with doctors not to perform a caesarean section on her. But offering no explanation, they did it anyway.

How a teen fight-back is helping feminism flourish in Spain

Feb 19 2020

MADRID (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Spanish teenagers Ari and Kalus may still be in school but they are already part of a young feminist collective, organising talks, performances and protests to fight for gender equality.

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