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ANALYSIS-To defend fragile 1.5C goal, Glasgow Climate Pact must get results - fast

Nov 15 2021

* Shift from promises to action in 2022 needed to retain 1.5C goal

'Architects of desire': Can advertising agencies glamorise climate solutions?

Nov 12 2021

GLASGOW (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As the world's "architects of desire", the advertising industry - criticised by some as complicit in greenwashing campaigns and for promoting excessive consumption - could play a major role in driving greener choices, executives said this week.

Rights groups warn Paris pact rules on carbon markets leave indigenous people exposed

Nov 12 2021

GLASGOW (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As the COP26 climate talks neared a close, environmentalists and lawyers warned rules for global carbon markets, due to be finalised in Glasgow, lack protections to stop abuses of the rights of indigenous peoples who rely on forests for survival.

INTERVIEW-Look beyond COP26 summit to real world for climate action, says top UK scientist

Nov 10 2021

* Ex-UK chief scientist says key action is outside climate talks

ANALYSIS-More net than zero: Do carbon-cutting promises add up for the climate?

Nov 09 2021

* Surge in net-zero commitments may not produce real reductions

FEATURE-Turning heat to cooling, Kenyan inventor cuts food waste - and adds jobs and income

Nov 09 2021

GLASGOW, Nov 9 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Growing up under the care of his grandmother in rural eastern Kenya, Dysmus Kisilu saw how hard farmers worked - and, often, how little they earned.

Stronger climate action urged at COP26 to avoid 'unimaginable' health risks

Nov 07 2021

GLASGOW (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - From extreme heat to worsening hunger and water shortages, accelerating climate change threatens "unimaginable" health consequences, scientists and health officials warned on Saturday on the sidelines of the COP26 U.N. climate talks in Glasgow.

UN, UK vow to push youth climate demands at COP26 summit

Nov 05 2021

GLASGOW (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Young people took centre-stage at the COP26 U.N. climate talks on Friday, presenting their demands for a greener, fairer world to the U.N. climate chief and senior UK politicians who promised to recommend their proposals to governments at the summit.

INTERVIEW-Costa Rica president: Fossil fuel-free future not impossible but disinformation a threat

Nov 05 2021

* Costa Rican president says big policy shifts not 'impossible'

Analysis-Push to end oil and gas expansion takes off at COP26 but harder on the ground

Nov 04 2021

GLASGOW/COSTA RICA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In late July, Costa Rica’s legislature was scheduled to vote on a bill to permanently ban any extraction or exploration of fossil fuels in the Central American nation, noted for its international green leadership and reliance on clean hydropower.

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Australia sets out curbs for travellers from virus-hit southern Africa

MELBOURNE (Reuters) -Australia imposed new restrictions on Saturday on people who have been to nine southern African countries, as the new Omicron variant https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/japan-tighten-border-controls-s-africa-others-new-virus-variant-jiji-2021-11-26 of COVID-19 raises concerns about another wave of the pandemic.