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Laurie Goering

U.N. rights experts criticize London climate protest 'ban' before court hearing

Oct 16 2019

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A lawyer working with Extinction Rebellion climate protesters in London said the group hopes a court hearing on Thursday will rule that a police ban on their public gatherings this week is unlawful, as U.N. experts said it violated their human rights.

Scientists back wider family-planning access to ease climate threats

Oct 16 2019

(This story corrects description of organisation in paragraph five)

Richer nations urged to boost protection against wild weather as losses jump

Oct 11 2019

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Economic losses caused by the most extreme weather events, from hurricanes to wildfires, are surging fastest in parts of the world outside the tropics - places that once saw relatively few such disasters, scientists and statisticians have warned.

Climate protesters at London airport say they are 'mainstream' and 'scared'

Oct 11 2019

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As climate change activists attempted to shut down London City Airport on Thursday morning, John Curran, a 49-year-old former police detective from Nottingham, sat with his hand super-glued to a concrete walkway outside the front entrance. | Video

Protect coastal, island communities now as seas rise, scientists urge

Sep 25 2019

LONDON, Sept 25 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Melting of the world's glaciers and warming of its oceans are fuelling rising seas, fiercer storms, worsening water shortages and other risks that could force millions from their homes or leave them hungrier and poorer, scientists warned on Wednesday.

Climate summit pledges fall short, as big emitters skip 'honest appraisal'

Sep 23 2019

UNITED NATIONS, Sept 23 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - At a U.N. summit on accelerating action on climate change Monday, India promised a boost in its use of renewable power and Finland said it aims to become the first industrialized nation to absorb more carbon than it emits.

From Indonesia to Gabon, countries turn to nature to cut climate risks

Sep 23 2019

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - New York City gets its drinking water from a network of more than 20 reservoirs and lakes further north in New York state, some more than 100 miles (161 km) away.

Young climate activists seek step up from streets to political table

Sep 21 2019

UNITED NATIONS (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Young climate change activists demanded a greater role in decision-making Saturday as they met leaders at U.N. headquarters, saying that their growing voice on the streets had yet to earn them a seat at the political table.

Adults swell ranks of students marching in record global climate protest

Sep 20 2019

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Ben Davis' father spent his career working at a petroleum company. But on Friday, Davis - a chemical engineer, like his dad - did something he'd never done before.

Climate-change protesters poised to kick off global wave of street marches

Sep 19 2019

NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As world leaders begin arriving for a summit at the United Nations on accelerating action to address climate threats, adults are planning to join students in an unprecedented wave of youth-led climate protests on Friday, organizers said.

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