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U.S. justices watch their language as they consider profane trademarks

Apr 15 2019

WASHINGTON (Editor's note: contains language that some readers may find offensive, paragraphs 2, 10, 14)

U.S. Supreme Court rejects Allergan bid to use tribe to shield drug patents

Apr 15 2019

WASHINGTON The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday cast aside pharmaceutical company Allergan Plc's unorthodox bid to shield patents from a federal administrative court's review by transferring them to a Native American tribe.

Bitter divisions on death penalty in U.S. top court exposed in Alabama showdown

Apr 12 2019

WASHINGTON The U.S. Supreme Court exposed its bitter divisions over the death penalty yet again early Friday as the justices voted on ideological lines to reject an Alabama inmate's bid to delay his execution.

Death row inmates not guaranteed 'painless' execution, U.S. Supreme Court says

Apr 01 2019

WASHINGTON The U.S. Constitution does not guarantee a prisoner sentenced to capital punishment "a painless death," a divided Supreme Court said on Monday, paving the way for the execution of a convicted murderer who sought to die by lethal gas rather than lethal injection because of a rare medical condition.

Republicans push easing U.S. Senate rules to help Trump nominations

Mar 29 2019

WASHINGTON Republicans in the U.S. Senate will attempt to alter its rules next week in order to accelerate the confirmation of President Donald Trump's nominees for some judgeships and sub-Cabinet level positions in his administration.

U.S. Supreme Court rebuffs bid to block Trump's gun 'bump stock' ban

Mar 28 2019

WASHINGTON The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday handed President Donald Trump a victory by rejecting for the second time in three days a bid by gun rights activists to block his new ban on "bump stock" attachments that enable semi-automatic weapons to fire rapidly.

Trump-Russia probe is over, but prosecutor says grand jury lives on

Mar 27 2019

WASHINGTON Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election has ended, but the grand jury that he convened to examine the issue is still alive and well, a federal prosecutor said in court on Wednesday.

U.S. Supreme Court divided on partisan electoral maps

Mar 26 2019

WASHINGTON The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday appeared divided along ideological lines again on whether the contentious practice of manipulating electoral district boundaries to entrench one party in power may violate the constitutional rights of voters, with Justice Brett Kavanaugh emerging as the potential deciding vote. | Video

U.S. chief justice rejects bid to block 'bump stocks' gun ban

Mar 26 2019

WASHINGTON U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts on Tuesday rejected a bid by gun rights activists to put on hold a ban by President Donald Trump's administration on "bump stock" gun attachments that enable semi-automatic weapons to be fired rapidly. | Video

Start your engine, U.S. justices tell hovercraft-riding moose hunter

Mar 26 2019

WASHINGTON In the words of Justice Elena Kagan, an Alaska hunter can now "rev up his hovercraft in search of moose" after the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday unanimously ruled in favor of his bid to use a river on a federal preserve to reach his prey.

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