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FEATURE-Tunisian garment workers fight for unpaid wages in pandemic's shadow

Jul 12 2021

MENZEL TAMIME, Tunisia, July 13 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - R acking up debts and running out of options, Tunisian seamstress Najeh is pinning her hopes on her employer's promise to pay four months of overdue wages in August.

Pedal power: In lockdown, Tunisia's cyclists fight for space

May 17 2021

TUNIS (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Usually during the holy month of Ramadan, when Tunisians break their fast every evening, the streets of Tunis fill with cars and taxis as people go out to catch up with family and friends.

'We had to get our land back': Tunisian date farm proves revolutionary bright spot

Dec 17 2020

JEMNA, Tunisia (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As revolution swept Tunisia 10 years ago, the people of Jemna saw their chance to settle a colonial-era score - seizing a 185-hectare (460-acre) date plantation just outside the oasis town.

Tunisia court rules that 81-year-old can drop slave name

Oct 19 2020

TUNIS (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A Tunisian court has allowed an 81-year-old man to remove a word that marked him out as descended from slaves from his name, in the country's first ruling of its kind, his lawyer said.

Post-lockdown recovery up in flames for Tunisia market vendors

Jun 17 2020

TUNIS (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - It was the first day that the whole of the Tunis medina was open for business after nearly three months of lockdown, but market vendor Abdelaziz Talbi wasn't working. He had nothing to sell.

Under the cover of lockdown, illegal logging surges in Tunisia

May 01 2020

GABES, Tunisia (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As Tunisia's streets emptied and shops shuttered after the 6pm national curfew to stem the novel coronavirus outbreak, a clandestine group headed to the forest.

FEATURE-Sufi cultural sites caught in crossfire of Libya civil war

Mar 16 2020

TUNIS, March 16 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When a bulldozer razed the domed, century-old zawiya to the ground, turning the oldest Sufi place of study and worship in the Libyan coastal city of Sirte into a pile of rubble, Oussama Ali Bin Hamel was not shocked.

Citizens step in to revive Tunis crumbling old town

Feb 26 2020

TUNIS (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Ali Boukkaa remembers when his cafe was the only one in the marketplace for traditional chechiya hats in the Tunis medina - a small, green wooden cabin catering to some 400 hat makers, their apprentices and customers.

CORRECTED-FEATURE-Rising heat knocks the crown off Tunisia's 'queen of dates'

Dec 23 2019

KEBILI, Tunisia, Dec 23 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - One way to wish someone a pleasant start to the day in Tunisia is: “May your morning (start) with milk and deglet dates”.

Setback for Tunisia's #MeToo movement as new MP gets immunity

Nov 13 2019

TUNIS (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A Tunisian politician accused of sexual harassment gained legal immunity on Wednesday when he was sworn in as a new member of the national parliament, in a setback for the country's burgeoning #MeToo movement.

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Aide to Ukraine's president survives assassination attempt

KYIV (Reuters) -A volley of automatic gunfire hit a car carrying a senior aide to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Wednesday, an incident a senior official called an assassination attempt and Zelenskiy said may have been a message intended for him.