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Liangping Gao

After Huawei blow, China says U.S. must show sincerity for talks

May 17 2019

BEIJING The United States must show sincerity if it is to hold meaningful trade talks, China said on Friday, after U.S. President Donald Trump dramatically raised the stakes with a potentially devastating blow to Chinese tech giant Huawei. | Video

No head for heights: China defends Tibet travel restrictions

Mar 06 2019

BEIJING Foreigners can't handle Tibet's high altitude so China needs to restrict access, the top Chinese official in charge of the remote and mountainous region said on Wednesday, defending tough government restrictions on who can go there.

G20, forged in crisis, faces major test next week: Donald Trump

Nov 23 2018

BERLIN/BEIJING/BUENOS AIRES When G20 world leaders met for the first time in 2008 their mission was a desperate one - to rescue the global economy from the worst financial crisis in more than 70 years. They were successful. | Video

Death of university graduate sparks anger at Chinese pyramid scam gangs

Aug 04 2017

BEIJING The death of a young Chinese university graduate who fell victim to a pyramid scheme on a job-seeking website has made national headlines and sparked an outpouring of sympathy and anger online.

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