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As Americans get heavier, obesity-linked cancers may strike earlier

Aug 16 2019

Increasing numbers of middle-aged Americans appear to be developing cancers that can be associated with obesity, new data suggest.

Poorer kids may have less shade in their schoolyards

Aug 14 2019

(Reuters Health) - Elementary schools with the greatest proportions of poor children may have the least amount of shade in their schoolyards where kids spend their recess, a new U.S. study finds.

British hospitals may be poorly prepared for high casualty incidents

Aug 13 2019

(Reuters Health) - More than half of key hospital doctors in England who would likely be involved in responding to a major incident, such as a bombing or massive fire, are ill prepared for it, a new report suggests.

Alarms in emergency rooms rarely important, which can desensitize staff

Aug 12 2019

Walk into any emergency room in the U.S. and you'll hear a regular din of beeping alarms going off from machines connected to patients. But a new study found only a tiny fraction of the alarms signals a condition important enough to require a change in the patient's care.

Late puberty may lead to weaker bones

Aug 09 2019

(Reuters Health) - Teens who hit puberty late may end up with weaker bones, a new study finds.

Major surgeries linked to small decline in mental functioning in older age

Aug 07 2019

(Reuters Health) - Major surgery may be tied to a small decline in cognitive functioning when we are older - equivalent, on average, to less than five months of natural brain aging, a new study suggests.

In extreme heat, electric fans inadvisable unless it's humid

Aug 05 2019

In extreme heat, electric fans may offer some relief when it's very humid, but when temps are dangerously high and humidity is low, fans can actually make a person feel hotter, increasing strain on the heart and raising core temperature, a new report warns.

Yellow lens glasses don't improve drivers' night vision

Aug 02 2019

(Reuters Health) - - Touted to improve nighttime eyesight, yellow lens glasses don't help drivers see better and may, in fact, worsen vision, a new study suggests.

For some surgeries, hospital rankings not tied to better outcomes

Aug 01 2019

(Reuters Health) - When it comes to common gastrointestinal operations, such as weight loss surgery, a U.S. hospital's ranking may not equate with better outcomes, a new study suggests.

Poorer U.S. patients less likely to get blood pressure controlled

Jul 31 2019

(Reuters Health) - Poorer patients in the U.S. may be less likely to get their blood pressure under control, even when they are participating in a clinical trial where medication and doctor's visits are provided free of charge, a new study finds.

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