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Less violent behavior seen in teens where spanking is illegal

Oct 15 2018

(Reuters Health) - Teens may be less likely to get in fist fights when they live in countries where it's illegal for parents to spank or slap children as punishment for bad behavior, an international study suggests.

More homeless kids visit ERs with Massachusetts shelter restrictions

Oct 15 2018

(Reuters Health) - Emergency room visits for homelessness surged at a large urban children's hospital after Massachusetts made it harder for families to get into shelters, a new study suggests.

More hip-hop videos show smoking and vaping

Oct 15 2018

(Reuters Health) - Roughly half of popular hip-hop music videos feature smoking, vaping and marijuana use, with displays of tobacco products and drugs becoming increasingly common, a new study suggests.

Alternative medicine might help ease psoriasis symptoms

Oct 05 2018

(Reuters Health) - Complementary and alternative medicine approaches might help relieve psoriasis symptoms, a research review suggests.

Indiana HIV outbreak among drug users may have been avoidable

Oct 04 2018

(Reuters Health) - A years-long HIV outbreak among intravenous (IV) drug users in Indiana might have been avoided if the state's top medical and political leaders had acted sooner on early warnings that the virus was spreading, a recent study suggests.

Even light exercise might lessen severity of a future stroke

Oct 04 2018

(Reuters Health) - People who regularly engage in light to moderate physical activity - like walking four hours a week or swimming two hours weekly - might have less severe strokes than individuals who aren't as active, a Swedish study suggests.

Non-white elders in U.S. less likely to use low-vision devices

Oct 04 2018

(Reuters Health) - Older white people with very impaired eyesight are more likely to use low-vision devices that may improve independence, compared to elderly people in other racial and ethnic groups, a U.S. study suggests.

Teens are smoking, vaping and eating cannabis

Oct 03 2018

(Reuters Health) - Adolescents who try marijuana are not just smoking it. Many are also vaping or eating cannabis, a U.S. study suggests.

Southern diet helps explain extra high blood pressure risk for black men

Oct 03 2018

(Reuters Health) - High blood pressure is widespread among African-American men at least in part because they're more likely than other people to eat a traditional Southern diet with lots of fried and fatty foods, a U.S. study suggests.

Yo-yo dieting tied to heart attacks and strokes, even in healthy people

Oct 02 2018

(Reuters Health) - People with fluctuations in their weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar may be more likely to have heart attacks and strokes than those with stable measurements, a Korean study suggests.

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