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Social media disinformation campaigns tied to vaccine hesitancy

Oct 29 2020

(Reuters Health) - Social media disinformation campaigns designed to cast doubt on the safety and effectiveness of vaccines are contributing to vaccine hesitancy and a meaningful drop in annual coverage, a new cross-national study suggests.

U.S. insurers often limit biosimilar coverage

May 27 2020

(Reuters Health) - U.S. commercial health plans only covered biosimilars as "preferred" products in 14% of coverage decisions last year, according to an analysis of publicly available data on coverage decisions.

Preeclampsia, hypertension tied to mental health conditions in children

May 01 2020

(Reuters Health) - Preeclampsia is associated with increased risk of any childhood mental disorder in offspring, as well as child psychological, behavioral, and emotional disorders, a study in Finland suggests.

Some consumer wearables might accurately track sleep

May 01 2020

(Reuters Health) - Sleep-wake patterns tracked by two popular consumer wearables - the Apple Watch and the Oura Ring - gave results comparable to those found with actigraphy and polysomnography in a small experiment.

Explainer: What are coronavirus antibody tests?

Apr 15 2020

With most Americans under stay-at-home orders to help contain the spread of the novel coronavirus and more than 2 million people infected globally, talk is turning to how antibody tests might help guide efforts to lift these restrictions.

Explainer: What is contact tracing and how can it help fight the new coronavirus?

Apr 15 2020

Contact tracing has been used for decades to control the spread of infectious diseases. The basic idea is simple: track down infected people, then find everyone who has been near them and encourage those people to stay home until it is clear they are not sick. | Video

Explainer: How an old tuberculosis vaccine might help fight the new coronavirus

Apr 02 2020

There is no vaccine against the novel coronavirus, called SARS-CoV-2, that is spreading rapidly around the world. But scientists in several countries are testing a century-old tuberculosis (TB) vaccine to see if it might boost the immune system to reduce respiratory symptoms in people who get new coronavirus infections.

Many parents wait too long for 'good touch, bad touch' talk

Mar 16 2020

(Reuters Health) - Parents should ideally start talking to kids about inappropriate touching during the preschool years, but a new U.S. poll suggests many wait longer.

Some e-cigarettes may interfere with life-saving heart devices

Mar 16 2020

(Reuters Health) - A magnetic part in e-cigarettes may prevent implanted cardiac defibrillators from detecting and treating dangerous heart rhythm problems, a new case report suggests.

Even among young men, healthier diet tied to higher sperm counts

Mar 13 2020

(Reuters Health) - Young men who care about their sperm quality might want to lay off the cheeseburgers and fries, according to a new study that links a typical Western diet with a lower sperm count.

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