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Childhood anxiety tied to school absences

11:11am EDT

(Reuters Health) - Kids with school attendance or truancy problems might be suffering from anxiety, a research review suggests.

Long-term hormone use after menopause tied to Alzheimer's risk

Mar 21 2019

(Reuters Health) - Women who take hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to ease menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats may be slightly more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease, a large Finnish study suggests.

Opioid prescriptions after plastic surgery tied to long-term use

Mar 20 2019

(Reuters Health) - Opioids account for more than 90 percent of the painkillers used after plastic surgery, according to a U.S. study that questions how often these addictive narcotics are necessary to ease discomfort after operations.

Asthma medication use varies among Latino youth

Mar 19 2019

(Reuters Health) - A new U.S. study of groups of Latino youth with asthma sheds light on potential health disparities. Puerto Rican children were less likely than Mexican kids to use asthma inhalers regularly, researchers found.

Soda, sports drinks tied to higher risk of early death

Mar 18 2019

(Reuters Health) - People who consume lots of sugary sodas and sports drinks every day may be more likely to die early of causes like heart disease and cancer than people who rarely if ever indulge in these beverages, a U.S. study suggests.

More U.S. youth seeking help during psychiatric emergencies

Mar 18 2019

(Reuters Health) - The number of young people visiting U.S. emergency rooms with psychiatric problems is rising, driven largely by a surge in teens and minority youth seeking urgent help for mental illnesses, a new study suggests.

Smartphone mindfulness app may help curb loneliness

Mar 15 2019

(Reuters Health) - Adults who spend just 20 minutes a day using a smartphone mindfulness training app may feel less lonely and have more social interactions than people who don't, a small experiment suggests.

Teen drivers reaching for objects more likely to crash

Mar 15 2019

(Reuters Health) - Teen drivers who wisely stow away their cell phones while they're behind the wheel still need to be aware of another important risk factor for accidents, a small study suggests.

Breast cancer risk tied to DDT varies by exposure timing

Mar 14 2019

(Reuters Health) - The once-common pesticide DDT has long been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. Now, research suggests that women's age at first exposure to DDT may influence when in life the risk for breast malignancies is greatest.

Diabetics more likely to report back pain

Mar 14 2019

(Reuters Health) - People with diabetes are more likely to report back and neck pain, but it's still unclear if diabetes is the cause of their pain, a research review concludes.

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