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Lisa Richwine

Open that door? Netflix explores choose-your-own horror, romance

12:49pm EDT

LOS ANGELES A Netflix Inc experiment that began with viewers picking a movie character's breakfast cereal may expand to letting the audience choose the best on-screen date or the safest path to escape an ax murderer. | Video

American fans eagerly expect Meghan and Harry's baby

Mar 19 2019

LOS ANGELES Fascination, pride and the best soap opera in the world have many Americans eagerly awaiting the impending birth of Prince Harry and Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle's first child. | Video

Netflix says it will not join Apple TV service

Mar 19 2019

LOS ANGELES Netflix Inc, the world's dominant streaming service, will not make its TV shows and movies available through Apple Inc's upcoming video offering, Netflix Chief Executive Reed Hastings said on Monday.

Celebrities lose work, students sue U.S. colleges in admissions scandal

Mar 14 2019

LOS ANGELES Hollywood actress Lori Loughlin was dropped by a TV network and her daughter lost a sponsorship deal on Thursday, while students sued prestigious universities in growing fallout from a massive college bribery scandal. | Video

Lori Loughlin dropped from Hallmark channel roles after cheating scandal

Mar 14 2019

LOS ANGELES Crown Media Family Networks, the company that owns the Hallmark cable channel, stopped working with its "Garage Sale Mysteries" star, Lori Loughlin, after she was charged in a college admissions scandal, it said on Thursday.

Disney bets on a new planet to wow 'Star Wars' fans at U.S. parks

Feb 28 2019

LOS ANGELES When the "Star Wars" galaxy is brought to life at Walt Disney Co's U.S. theme parks later this year, fans will not step onto the iconic landscapes of Hoth or Tatooine. | Video

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