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Lisi Niesner

Short of ice, Dutch canal-skating marathon finds second home in Austria

Feb 01 2019

TECHENDORF, Austria It is 22 years since canals in the Netherlands froze enough to run the country's most famous speed skating event, an epic race that snakes through towns near the northern coast.

A real body of work, artists ditch canvases for humans at art festival

Jul 18 2018

KLAGENFURT, Austria Austrian model Corina gave her body as a canvas and patiently stood for six hours in order to be transformed into a blue Egyptian goddess for the annual World Body Painting Festival. | Video

Buzzing with bees

Jul 25 2012

In the morning I could not remember exactly what I had dreamed, but the one thing I knew, all night long I had heard the buzz in my head.

A heavenly mission

Jun 13 2012

The wooden gate was half open. I knocked on the door and entered. The room was sparsely lit. Everything in the unexpectedly small workshop was black or grey and the few things that had been colorful in past days were now soot-black. The smell of iron was dominant.

Almost knightly

May 31 2012

This is not a story of knights; no knight’s armor, no knight’s castles - not even swords. It does consist of plenty of honor, pride and old-fashioned traditions.

The majestic Lipizzaner

Apr 26 2012

It's hard to believe that Lipizzaner are among the endangered breeds of domestic animals – worldwide only about 5000 animals exist.

An egg by any other name

Apr 03 2012

Obviously an egg is much more than the daily of decision how we like to have our breakfast: scrambled, fried or poached.

Daredevils on Hahnenkamm mountain

Jan 26 2012

Imagine a snow-covered mountain, imagine an 85 degree grade at the steepest point, imagine wearing a race suit, goggles and nothing else but a helmet and a back protector for safety.

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