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As America counts, the world holds its breath for U.S. election outcome

Nov 05 2020

LONDON/LAGOS/SARAJEVO A day after Americans voted in a bitterly contested election, the rest of the world was none the wiser on Wednesday, with millions of votes still to count, the race too close to call and a mounting risk of days or even weeks of legal uncertainty.

'And the winner is?' - Risk of contested vote has U.S. allies on edge

Nov 03 2020

LONDON/BERLIN As Americans head to the polls, prime ministers and presidents around the world face a delicate question - when to congratulate the eventual winner, especially given the risk the election result will be contested.

As U.S. election looms, Europe weighs risk of a disputed result

Oct 19 2020

BRUSSELS/BERLIN/LONDON With less than three weeks until the U.S. presidential election, European capitals are concerned about the risk of a disputed outcome and the impact it would have in the United States and abroad.

Some in Europe doubt whether U.S. election will be 'free and fair'

Oct 09 2020

LONDON People in seven European nations overwhelmingly want Joe Biden to win the U.S. presidential election, an opinion poll showed this week, but barely 10% think the vote will be fully free and fair, a finding that comes as some diplomats in Washington worry President Donald Trump may not accept the election result.

Fax, mail or DHL? Overseas U.S. voters fret ahead of Nov. 3 election

Sep 23 2020

LONDON/BANGKOK/BUENOS AIRES By fax, courier or mail, U.S. voters abroad are going to new lengths to ensure their ballots are counted, with the bitterest election in memory taking place amid a global pandemic, postal disruptions and the incumbent railing against mail-in votes.

More than 1 billion people face displacement by 2050 - report

Sep 09 2020

LONDON Rapid population growth, lack of access to food and water and increased exposure to natural disasters mean more than 1 billion people face being displaced by 2050, according to a new analysis of global ecological threats.

As president, Biden would not trash all Trump's foreign policy legacy

Aug 24 2020

WASHINGTON/LONDON When Donald Trump was elected U.S. president in 2016, almost immediately, and with evident relish, he set about trying to demolish Barack Obama's carefully crafted foreign policy legacy.

As Britain bans Huawei, U.S. pressure mounts on Europe to follow suit

Jul 14 2020

LONDON/BRUSSELS Britain's decision to ban China's Huawei from its 5G network increases further pressure on EU countries to impose stricter limits on the world's largest telecoms equipment maker just as the company expands its footprint across Europe.

Der Rückabwickler - Biden will Trump-Entscheidungen korrigieren

Jul 13 2020

Berlin/Brüssel Je weiter in Europa und Deutschland die Verärgerung über US-Präsident Donald Trump wächst, desto größer werden die Hoffnungen unter Trumps Kritikern auf einen Sieg Joe Bidens bei der US-Präsidentenwahl Anfang November.

Post-Trump era a possibility, Europeans see no quick fix to U.S. ties

Jul 09 2020

LONDON/BERLIN/BRUSSELS If Donald Trump loses in November, it's no secret that most European policymakers will be happy to see his back. But as they envision the possibility of a post-Trump future, many are wondering how quickly the trans-Atlantic alliance can be fixed.

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