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Zimbabwe's too-productive mango growers look to the sun to boost incomes

Feb 15 2021

GOKWE, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Before agronomist Peter Sena retired, he planted a variety of mango trees on his rural homestead in Zimbabwe's Midlands province, aiming to ensure an ongoing income for his family.

FEATURE-'Potholes' from the past help drought-hit Zimbabwean farmers save water

Oct 28 2020

BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe, Oct 28 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For 18 years, Thokozile Ncube has been planting her crops in manure-filled holes covered with straw - and every year, she grows enough to feed her family, as other farmers in Zimbabwe's drought-prone Matobo district watch their crops shrivel.

Hit by worsening drought, Zimbabwe taps funding for water-wise farming

Aug 17 2020

BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - After long-running drought slashed their harvests, small-scale farmers in Lupane, western Zimbabwe, decided to switch away from irrigating their fields by flooding them, which wastes huge amounts of water.

Armed with social media, Zimbabwean youth fight coronavirus 'infodemic'

Jul 23 2020

JOHANNESBURG/BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Drinking alcohol will kill the coronavirus. It is OK to share face masks. Africans cannot get COVID-19. The pandemic is not even real.

Families sleep in water lines as drought grips Zimbabwe's Bulawayo

Jun 17 2020

BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Twice a week, Nothi Mlalazi joins a long line with dozens of other people - some of whom have slept there overnight - and stands for hours waiting for water in Zimbabwe's second-largest city.

High and dry: Flood-hit Zimbabweans look back to stilt homes

Mar 13 2020

BINGA, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Anyone driving through Binga, in western Zimbabwe, is greeted by a vision of the past dotted along the tarred road: thatched homes built on stilts, two meters above the ground.

Zimbabwe's parched Bulawayo rations to save dwindling water

Jan 02 2020

BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Families in the southern Zimbabwean city of Bulawayo are going up to four days without running water as drought dries the dams the city depends on, city council officials said.

Homes, land destroyed as desperate Zimbabweans turn to illegal gold mining

Nov 19 2019

FILABUSI, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Under the blazing sun, a group of men use picks and shovels to dig up a bushy patch of land outside Zimbabwe's second-largest city, stopping every few seconds to scan the soil for signs of gold.

Hit by drought and power cuts, Zimbabwe steps up battery storage

Nov 15 2019

BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As worsening drought slashes the country’s hydropower production, creating lengthy power cuts, Zimbabwe’s industries are beginning to turn to solar panels and battery storage systems to keep business humming.

Solar-irrigated farms face an unexpected threat in Zimbabwe: hungry elephants

Aug 21 2019

MASHABA, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When one of Zimbabwe's first solar mini-grid systems was installed in this drought-prone village near the Botswana border in 2016, residents thought their problems were solved.

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