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Madeleine Drury

Women's All-Star basketball game scores a slam dunk for LGBT rights

Jul 26 2018

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Almost one in three of the women playing in the WNBA's annual All-Star Game in Minnesota on Saturday come from the gay community, scoring a slam dunk for diversity in U.S. sport.

Viral plane standoff video highlights European chasm over migrants

Jul 25 2018

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A viral video of an activist on board a plane in Sweden stopping the deportation of an Afghan asylum seeker has cast a spotlight on Europe's deepening divisions over immigration, human rights experts said on Wednesday.

India hunger photo series sparks 'poverty porn' backlash online

Jul 24 2018

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A series of photographs on hunger in India that show villagers posing next to tables full of food has sparked a backlash online and been branded as exploitative "poverty porn" by critics.

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