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YEARENDER: From sausage rolls to hairy female scientists: 10 offbeat stories from 2019

Dec 29 2019

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - From hit songs about sausage rolls to the world's first odor map, here are 10 of the more offbeat news stories from 2019:

From wacky to well meaning, 7 upbeat stories of improving lives in 2018

Dec 25 2018

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - From an auto-repair shop in Uganda jumpstarting child soldiers into new lives to the boxing Barbie doll championing women's rights, the past year saw its fair share of upbeat stories about efforts to improve people's lives.

Exclusive: North Korean worker seeks Dutch shipbuilder's prosecution over labor abuses

Nov 08 2018

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A North Korean laborer has filed a landmark criminal complaint against a Dutch shipbuilding company that allegedly profited from the abuse of workers in its supply chain in Poland and was aware of the "slave-like conditions", lawyers said on Thursday.

No one to talk to? Polish charities tackle shame of domestic abuse in UK

Apr 05 2018

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When calls to a Polish domestic violence helpline in Britain plunged last year, its founder Ewa Wilcock was puzzled.

Factbox: Ageing Europe could benefit from refugees and migrants - U.N.

Jun 21 2017

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Refugees and migrants could help Europe support its ageing population and ease the heavy burden on health and social care systems, the United Nations said on Wednesday.

EU falls short in fighting Asian human traffickers: audit

Jun 21 2017

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The European Union is a magnet for human traffickers from Asia and must run better programs in the region if it is to combat the global trade in people, according to a report by the European Court of Auditors.

Facebook launches disaster maps to help aid workers save lives

Jun 07 2017

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Facebook on Wednesday launched disaster maps - an initiative aimed at helping humanitarian organizations save lives in emergencies.

Video games deliver hope to Syrian refugees: research

Jun 07 2017

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Computer games such as Minecraft teach Syrian children new language and coding skills and boost morale in refugee camps, according to new research.

Supermarkets put on notice to cut waste or lose custom

Jun 01 2017

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Supermarkets will lose customers and risk going out of business unless they take radical steps to eliminate food waste from their operations, a food expert said on Thursday.

Organ trafficking 'booming' in Lebanon as desperate Syrians sell kidneys, eyes: BBC

Apr 26 2017

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Trade in illegal organs is a booming business in Lebanon as desperate Syrian refugees resort to selling body parts to support themselves and their families, according to an investigation by the BBC.

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