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Margarita Antidze

Acting Armenian PM's bloc wins parliamentary vote: commission

Dec 10 2018

YEREVAN Armenia's acting prime minister Nikol Pashinyan bolstered his authority in the former Soviet republic as his political bloc won early parliamentary elections which were assessed as democratic.

Armenians vote in election testing revolution's power shift

Dec 09 2018

YEREVAN Armenians voted for a new parliament on Sunday as acting prime minister Nikol Pashinyan sought a stronger mandate, having been elected by lawmakers to the post in May following a peaceful revolution earlier this year.

Thousands in Georgia protest against presidential election results

Dec 02 2018

TBILISI Thousands of Georgians protested in the capital Tbilisi on Sunday against the result of the country's presidential election, as defeated candidate Grigol Vashadze said opposition parties would challenge the outcome in court.

Georgian president-elect takes strong line towards Moscow after contentious vote

Dec 01 2018

TBILISI Georgia's new President-elect described Russia on Saturday as an unpredictable occupying power, staking out a tough line towards Moscow as she faces protests at home from opponents who accused her of being soft on Russia during the campaign.

Opposition rejects Georgia presidential poll result, urges protests

Nov 29 2018

TBILISI The defeated opposition candidate in Georgia's presidential election runoff said on Thursday he did not recognize the victory of his ruling party rival and called for peaceful protests on Sunday.

Ruling party candidate wins Georgia presidential runoff

Nov 28 2018

TBILISI Results from Georgia's presidential runoff showed the ruling party-backed candidate, who favours balancing the ex-Soviet republic's relations with Moscow and the West, defeating her rival who advocates a stronger pro-Western line.

Ties with West in focus in Georgian presidential run-off

Nov 27 2018

TBILISI, Nov 28 Ex-Soviet Georgia votes in a presidential election runoff on Wednesday that pits a candidate backed by the ruling party who favours a policy balancing ties with Moscow and the West against a rival who advocates a stronger pro-Western line.

Georgia presidential vote heads for runoff in setback for ruling party

Oct 29 2018

TBILISI Georgia's ruling party failed to secure the presidency in a single round of voting when its candidate barely beat her main challenger and fell far short of a majority, forcing a runoff, results showed on Monday.

Georgia presidential election poised for runoff

Oct 28 2018

TBILISI Georgia's presidential election looked likely to go to a second round as early official results on Sunday showed neither of the frontrunners with enough votes to secure victory.

French-born ex-diplomat is frontrunner as Georgia picks president

Oct 27 2018

TBILISI, Oct 28 Two former foreign ministers are the frontrunners when Georgians vote for president on Sunday, including a former French career diplomat who would be the first female leader of an ex-Soviet state outside the Baltics.

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