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Maria Caspani

Americans defy pandemic, political leaders to travel for Thanksgiving

5:58am EST

Americans defied pleas from state and local officials to stay home for the Thanksgiving holiday in the face of the surging coronavirus pandemic, triggering fresh warnings from health officials with the release of vaccines still weeks away.

'COVID chat': Officials urge Americans to stay home over holiday

Nov 25 2020

U.S. health officials and politicians pleaded with Americans on Tuesday to stay at home over the Thanksgiving holiday and abide by constraints placed on social and economic life as record coronavirus caseloads pushed hospitals to their limits. | Video

Wisconsin governor renews mask mandate despite court challenge as pandemic worsens

Nov 21 2020

Wisconsin's governor on Friday extended a statewide mask mandate despite a legal challenge from conservatives, renewing an emergency health order requiring face coverings in public spaces to curb an alarming surge in COVID-19 infections. | Video

U.S. officials worry about holiday spike as coronavirus surges

Nov 20 2020

NEW YORK, Nov 20 U.S. health authorities braced for further increases in COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths on Friday, capping a week in which the spread of the novel coronavirus accelerated ahead of next week's Thanksgiving holiday.

California, Ohio order nightly curfews on gatherings as coronavirus surges

Nov 20 2020

SACRAMENTO, Calif. California's governor on Thursday imposed a curfew on social gatherings and other non-essential activities in one of the most intrusive of the restrictions being ordered across the country to curb an alarming surge in novel coronavirus infections. | Video

Iowa joins U.S. states from coasts to heartland acting to curb COVID-19

Nov 17 2020

Several U.S. governors, from the coastal states of New Jersey and California to the heartland of Iowa and Ohio, acted on Monday to restrict gatherings and boost face-coverings in confronting a coronavirus surge they warned is out of control. | Video

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