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Maria Ramirez

Soldiers held hostage, villagers killed: the untold story of Venezuelan aid violence

May 21 2019

KUMARAKAPAY, Venezuela At dawn on February 22, as Venezuela's opposition was preparing to bring humanitarian aid into the country, a convoy of military vehicles drove into the indigenous village of Kumarakapay on its way to the Brazilian border.

CORRECTED-RPT-INSIGHT-How Venezuela turns its useless bank notes into gold

Feb 21 2019

EL CALLAO, Venezuela, Feb 10 Venezuela's most successful financial operations in recent years have not taken place on Wall Street, but in primitive gold-mining camps in the nation's southern reaches.

How Venezuela turns its useless bank notes into gold

Feb 21 2019

(This February 10 story corrects to remove reference to Istanbul Gold Refinery (IGR)) | Video

Indigenous Pemon on Venezuela's border with Brazil vow to let aid in

Feb 10 2019

PUERTO ORDAZ, Venezuela Venezuela's Pemon, an indigenous people living along the border with Brazil, are determined to allow into the embattled country any foreign aid that may arrive, even if that means a showdown with Venezuelan security forces and the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

U.S. sanctions send Venezuelans scrambling to fill gas tanks

Jan 30 2019

CARACAS/CIUDAD GUAYANA, Venezuela As oil companies and traders worldwide tried to decipher the impact of U.S. sanctions slapped on Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA earlier this week, residents of the South American country had a familiar response: Get in line.

Family members say seven Venezuelans killed in remote gold mine

Oct 18 2018

TUMEREMO, Venezuela Seven people were killed near a remote gold mine in southeastern Venezuela, family members said on Wednesday, the latest in a number of violent incidents related to illegal mining in the crisis-stricken country.

Boy killed during protest in southern Venezuela: police

Jul 17 2018

SAN FELIX, Venezuela A youth was killed in the Venezuelan city of San Felix overnight when demonstrators protesting power and water outages partially burned a small police station, police said on Tuesday.

Lootings, scattered protests hit Venezuelan industrial city

Jan 09 2018

CIUDAD GUAYANA, Venezuela A second day of lootings and scattered street protests hit the Ciudad Guayana in southeastern Venezuela on Tuesday, as unrest grows in the once-booming industrial city plagued with food shortages and a malaria outbreak.

Venezuelans scramble to survive as merchants demand dollars

Dec 26 2017

CARACAS/CIUDAD GUAYANA, Venezuela There was no way Jose Ramon Garcia, a food transporter in Venezuela, could afford new tires for his van at $350 each. | Video

Twenty-eight arrests after Venezuela looting, violence

Dec 26 2017

PUERTO ORDAZ, Venezuela Venezuelan authorities said on Tuesday they had arrested 28 people in southern Bolivar state for looting and disorder over Christmas in the latest unrest during a severe economic crisis.

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