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Marilyn Haigh

'Your EU needs YOU': Brussels launches youth volunteer corps

Dec 07 2016

BRUSSELS European? Aged 18-30? Unemployed? Want to work abroad for pocket money? The EU's new Solidarity Corps may be for you.

Tiny Belgium to get tinier as Netherlands grows

Nov 29 2016

BRUSSELS Belgium is about to get smaller and the Netherlands bigger.

Sante! Belgium wants its beer on global culture list

Nov 25 2016

BRUSSELS From brown ales to golden pilsners to the strong trappist brews produced in monasteries, Belgian beer is enjoyed around the world.

Brussels residents petition to keep lewd mural

Oct 11 2016

BRUSSELS An online petition to prevent the removal of an explicit mural in Brussels has gained thousands of signatures, highlighting a wave of graphic street art in the city known for its cartoon-inspired murals.

EU's 'sharing economy' stifled by petty rules on coat hangers to light bulbs

Sep 26 2016

BRUSSELS Europe's bid to champion the "sharing economy" is being undermined in the short-term rental sector by capitals imposing petty rules such as dictating the number of coat hangers home-owners must provide, a complaint filed to the European Commission says.

Is it a ship? A diamond? Hadid's Port House opens in Antwerp

Sep 26 2016

ANTWERP, Belgium Europe’s second-biggest port has cut a distinct new shape into its skyline.

EU scraps telecom roaming time limit in effort to please public

Sep 21 2016

BRUSSELS The European Commission proposed on Wednesday scrapping time limits on charge-free mobile phone roaming included in next year's plan to abolish such tariffs after critics said its initial proposal was consumer unfriendly.

EU's new Africa fund aims to attract private investors to Sahel region

Sep 21 2016

BRUSSELS The European Union's new 44 billion euro (37.73 billion pounds) Africa fund aims to entice private investors to some of the world's poorest nations and slow mass migration to Europe, the EU's development chief Neven Mimica said.

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