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Mark John

Daily Briefing: Heavy going for Macron on Europe

Jun 14 2019

LONDON It's been a tough week for Emmanuel Macron on Europe. Yesterday Nathalie Loiseau, his gaffe-prone pick to run the liberal grouping in the new European Parliament, had to throw in the towel after making derogatory remarks about future potential colleagues.

Daily Briefing: Round one - race to replace May starts

Jun 13 2019

LONDON UK Conservative lawmakers begin voting today in the contest to replace Prime Minister Theresa May. Under the rules, any candidate with 16 votes or fewer in the first round will be eliminated; if all candidates have more than 16 votes, the person with the fewest votes must bow out.

Daily Briefing: Johnson sets out leadership stall

Jun 12 2019

LONDON British ex-foreign secretary Boris Johnson launches his campaign for the Conservative Party leadership today, breaking his relative silence in the race thus far.

Daily Briefing: Sanchez's Socialists up ante for government deal

Jun 11 2019

LONDON Spain's Pedro Sanchez, invited last week by King Felipe VI to try and form a government without a parliamentary majority, pursues meetings today with leaders of the various opposition parties aimed at winning their support.

Daily Briefing: Money and drugs - May succession race heats up

Jun 10 2019

LONDON The race to succeed Theresa May as head of the Conservative Party and prime minister gathered pace at the weekend.

Daily Briefing: Brexit in Peterborough - too close for comfort

Jun 07 2019

LONDON The newly formed Brexit Party has failed in its ambition to win a first seat in parliament, narrowly losing a by-election in the eastern city of Peterborough on Thursday, results overnight show.

Daily Briefing: Brussels takes on Italian debt mountain

Jun 05 2019

LONDON Today the European Commission will announce whether it will launch disciplinary proceedings against Italy over its debt-laden public finances, with the prospect of hefty fines if it does not agree to comply with European Union budget rules.

Daily Briefing: May braced as Trump meets press

Jun 04 2019

LONDON When Barack Obama visited Britain two months before the Brexit vote of June 2016, he famously warned that the UK would be at the "back of the queue" for any trade deal with the United States if it voted to leave the EU.

Daily Briefing: Special? Trump visit tests UK-U.S. relationship

Jun 03 2019

LONDON Donald Trump's three-day UK visit starting today will be to a country bitterly divided over Brexit, led by a weakened prime minister eking out the last few days of a disastrous term in office, and where he is loathed by much of the population.

Daily Briefing: Hanging on the telephone - Western security ties

May 31 2019

LONDON The next few days could be significant for the security relationship between Europe and the United States - with a Chinese telephone company at the heart of the matter.

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