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Mark Miller

COLUMN-U.S. Democrats have wisely moved to the left on ideas for Social Security reform

Sep 26 2019

CHICAGO, Sept 26 Just a few years ago, Democratic politicians were debating whether to accept cuts to Social Security benefits. No more: the only Social Security reform debate within the party is about how much benefits should be expanded - and how to pay for it.

Column: U.S. Medicare readies new plan-shopping website, but timing prompts concerns

Aug 22 2019

CHICAGO (The opinions expressed here are those of the author, a columnist for Reuters.)

Column: U.S. legislation will help retirement security, but bigger steps are needed

Jun 19 2019

CHICAGO Federal policy on retirement security is one chaotic mess right now.

Column: Ex-heads of U.S. Social Security Administration offer plan to fix agency's customer service

Jun 05 2019

CHICAGO A worsening customer service crisis at the Social Security Administration has prompted three of its former commissioners to urge the U.S. Congress to fix the annual budgeting process that has starved the agency of the resources it needs to do its job.

Why pessimism on Social Security could come back to bite millennials

May 23 2019

CHICAGO Why does the word “old” come to mind for so many of us when the topic of Social Security comes up?  

Fewer Americans seeing crucial Social Security document due to budget cuts

Apr 24 2019

CHICAGO (The opinions expressed here are those of the author, a columnist for Reuters.)

U.S. government weighs social-media snooping to detect Social Security fraud

Mar 29 2019

CHICAGO Getting followed on social media could soon gain a new meaning for workers applying for Social Security disability benefits. The Trump administration is working on a plan to let the Social Security Administration (SSA) check up on claimants on Facebook and Twitter in order to root out fraud and abuse in the disability program.

Column: Illinois budget debate raises key questions on taxing retirement income

Feb 28 2019

CHICAGO Greetings from Illinois, a state that never tops the rankings of places to retire. We have one of the great American cities, but also polar vortexes and an enormous state budget deficit - and now there is renewed talk about taxing retirement income to help close the gap.

How personal finance guru Jill Schlesinger got smart about money

Feb 21 2019

CHICAGO Jill Schlesinger got her start on Wall Street, and that is where she learned a lot of what she knows about the financial world. But she has built a career dishing out personal finance advice by pulling back the curtain on myths about investing, and showing how average people can make a solid plan for retirement.

COLUMN-Questions, worries swirl around U.S. Social Security

Feb 14 2019

CHICAGO, Feb 14 Social Security is one of those topics that spark a lot of questions. The system has some complexities, but people are curious for a simple reason: Social Security is our universal retirement program. Nearly all of us pay into it and have a stake in its future. And right now, we all have reasons to be concerned.

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