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Satellite data brings farming advice to remote areas of Zimbabwe

Feb 10 2020

NTABAZINDUNA, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Deep in rural western Zimbabwe, where tarred roads are nonexistent, Japhet Ngwenya used to spend every season worrying that the people who advise him on how to protect his crops from dry spells and pest invasions would not be able to reach him.

FEATURE-'We just have to brave it': Women face assault on Zimbabwe's public buses

Sep 11 2019

BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe, Sept 11 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - W hen Zimbabwe's government started running a bus system earlier this year with fares on average one-third lower than those of private bus companies, Thandekile Gama was excited.

FEATURE-Grave problem: No space for the dead in Zimbabwe's growing cities

Jun 02 2019

BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe, June 3 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A fter Thomas Gumede's father died in April, the Zimbabwean bus driver could not afford an expensive funeral. So, he applied for a burial plot through the local municipality.

As Zimbabwe's forests fall, timber shortage tightens screws on carpenters

May 31 2019

BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Since timber was added to a list of commodities running short in Zimbabwe's crisis-hit economy late last year, carpenter Josh Mbuyazwe has struggled.

Zimbabwe seeks wiser ways to use water amid erratic rains

Jan 23 2019

HARARE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Bensen Muzamba knows the cost of water only too well. He runs a maize farm outside Harare, Zimbabwe's capital, but because of poor rains at the start of the season, he was forced to purchase water to irrigate his crop - something he can ill afford.

Zimbabwe's farmers feel the heat of fires - and of price hikes

Oct 30 2018

HARARE (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - An extended dry season, runaway wildfires and a lack of foreign currency for maize seed, fertilizer and fuel suggest Zimbabwe's small-scale farmers may face a tough growing season ahead, officials and farmers say.

As teenagers die, Zimbabwean lawmakers call for abortion reform

May 08 2018

BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When her 15-year-old daughter fell pregnant last year, Irene Ndlovu secretly arranged for an abortion before the pregnancy became visible so that she could continue with her education.

Zimbabwe's struggling health system leans on unsung heroines

Mar 01 2017

BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As Zimbabwe’s health service buckles amid low levels of public funding and a government freeze on hiring medical staff, volunteers have stepped in to take the strain.

Swap maize for millet? Zimbabwe's farmers just say no

Oct 07 2016

BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In the battle for food security, Fanuel Dube is resisting his government – and giving in to his children.

Zimbabwe women take to the streets to demand free education

Aug 18 2016

BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Thousands of women took to the streets of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe on Thursday to demand free education for their children as protests against the government mount across the country.

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