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In Beijing's Olympic bubble: police escorts, daily COVID-19 tests, robot chefs

Jan 13 2022

BEIJING In a hived-off section of the Beijing airport, arrivals for next month's Winter Olympics are met by staff in white protective suits and undergo COVID-19 tests and swabs of luggage before being whisked in police-escorted buses to fenced-off hotels. | Video

Fast-spreading Omicron to test Beijing Winter Games bubble

Jan 03 2022

BEIJING China's meticulous plans to prevent an Olympics-seeded COVID-19 outbreak by sealing all participants inside a "closed loop" for the upcoming Winter Games will be tested by the emergence of the highly infectious Omicron variant.

Thousands message late Chinese COVID whistleblower doctor 2 years on

Dec 30 2021

SHANGHAI Thousands of people left messages on the social media account of the late Chinese COVID-19 whistleblower Li Wenliang on the anniversary of the day he learned of possible pneumonia-causing virus cases in Wuhan and shared the information with fellow doctors.

Analysis-New Xinjiang chief expected to maintain policies, boost economic focus

Dec 29 2021

SHANGHAI China's change of leadership in Xinjiang could indicate greater emphasis on economic development in the region, experts said, although its security crackdown targeting minority Muslims is unlikely to see a significant change in direction.

Chinese stock up on staples after government 'just in case' advice prompts confusion

Nov 03 2021

BEIJING Beijing shoppers stocked up on cabbage, rice and flour for the winter on Wednesday, after the government urged people https://www.reuters.com/world/china/china-urges-families-keep-stores-daily-needs-ahead-winter-2021-11-02/#:~:text=SHANGHAI%2FBEIJING%2C%20Nov%202%20(,raised%20concerns%20about%20supply%20shortages to keep stores of basic goods in case of emergencies, though it assured them there were sufficient supplies after some panic-buying. | Video

Olympics-Beijing's new skeleton and bobsleigh venue hosts first test event

Oct 25 2021

BEIJING The men's and women's skeleton test events for the 2022 Winter Olympics were held at the National Sliding Centre in Beijing on Monday, making it the first international competition to take place at the newly constructed venue.

Beijing shop launches 'Squid Game' bake-off challenge

Oct 17 2021

BEIJING A Beijing bakery has introduced a Squid Game-themed confection-making challenge in its store as it seeks to cash in on the massive popularity of the South Korean Netflix show.

Olympics-Spectators may attend Beijing 2022 test events, organisers say

Oct 04 2021

BEIJING Spectators may be invited to attend Beijing 2022 Olympic test events, organisers said on Monday, in a possible indication of what to expect at next year's Winter Games.

Universal Studios Beijing draws eager throngs amid uneasy U.S.-China ties

Sep 20 2021

BEIJING (Reuters) -Universal Studios' Beijing resort opened its doors to the public on Monday after a two-decade wait, including delays because of the COVID-19 pandemic. | Video

Chinese court rules against #MeToo plaintiff

Sep 15 2021

BEIJING (Reuters) -A Beijing court late on Tuesday ruled against the plaintiff in a high-profile Chinese sexual harassment case, saying there was insufficient evidence to support her claims, a decision likely to deal a blow to China's #MeToo movement. | Video

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