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U.S. Navy SEAL spared jail but demoted after war crimes trial

Jul 03 2019

SAN DIEGO A U.S. Navy SEAL platoon commander acquitted of murdering a captured Islamic State fighter but convicted of unlawfully posing for photos with his dead body was sentenced on Wednesday to a demotion in rank and pay. | Video

U.S. Navy SEAL acquitted of murder in war crimes trial

Jul 02 2019

SAN DIEGO A U.S. Navy SEAL platoon leader accused of war crimes in Iraq was acquitted by a military jury on Tuesday of murder and all other charges except for unlawfully posing with the corpse of a captive Islamic State fighter. | Video

Jury begins deliberations in U.S. Navy SEAL's war crimes trial

Jul 02 2019

SAN DIEGO A military jury began deliberations on Monday in the war crimes trial of a U.S. Navy SEAL after closing arguments in which prosecutors said the defendant's own words proved his guilt and the defence cited a lack of physical evidence to support the charges.

Defense rests in war crimes trial of U.S. Navy SEAL platoon leader

Jun 29 2019

SAN DIEGO Defense lawyers in the murder trial of a U.S. Navy SEAL rested their case on Friday after three days of testimony contesting accusations that the platoon leader had fatally stabbed a wounded Iraqi captive and shot innocent civilians.

Iraqi general, U.S. Marine dispute murder charge against Navy SEAL

Jun 27 2019

SAN DIEGO An Iraqi general and a U.S. Marine testifying in the murder trial of a U.S. Navy SEAL said on Thursday they never saw the platoon leader stab a wounded detainee in the neck, disputing the central allegation in the prosecution's war crimes case.

U.S. Navy SEAL charged with war crimes had confidence of his immediate superior

Jun 26 2019

SAN DIEGO The immediate superior of a Navy SEAL standing trial charged with murdering a helpless Iraqi prisoner and shooting unarmed civilians testified on Wednesday he had complete confidence in the defendant's combat tactics and decision-making.

Prosecutors won't drop charges against Navy SEAL despite trial twist

Jun 21 2019

SAN DIEGO Military prosecutors said on Friday they will not drop premeditated murder charges against a U.S. Navy SEAL charged with stabbing to death a teenaged Islamic State militant in Iraq in 2017, despite testimony from another SEAL who claimed to have killed the prisoner.

Medic stuns courtroom saying he killed prisoner, not Navy SEAL on trial

Jun 21 2019

(The June 20 story adds dropped first name and title of defendant in second paragraph.) | Video

Murder or mutiny? Arguments begin in Navy SEAL's court martial in San Diego

Jun 18 2019

SAN DIEGO Did decorated U.S. Navy SEAL Chief Ed Gallagher murder a teenage Islamic State fighter or is he being framed by mutinying sailors he commanded and who are testifying against him?

After a family vacation in Italy, U.S. congressman's wife admits to misusing campaign funds

Jun 13 2019

SAN DIEGO, Calif. The wife of a U.S. representative pleaded guilty on Thursday to federal charges alleging misuse of $250,000 in campaign funds and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors who are also bringing charges against her husband.

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