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Healthy diet may stave off age-related hearing loss for women

May 24 2018

(Reuters Health) - Another benefit of a healthy diet may be protection against age-related hearing loss, suggests a large study of U.S. women.

Mental health support lacking in U.S. diabetes care

May 18 2018

(Reuters Health) - Most of the top diabetes treatment centers in the U.S. provide experts in hormonal disease, diet and nutrition and diabetes education as part of normal care, but mental health support is still not standard, researchers say.

Poor sleep quality explains some racial differences in drowsy driving

May 09 2018

(Reuters Health) - Black and Hispanic drivers are at twice the risk of falling asleep at the wheel compared to whites, and differences in sleep quality explain at least some of the disparity between blacks and whites, a U.S. study suggests.

Seatbelts may protect against severe liver injury in car crashes

May 02 2018

(Reuters Health) - Wearing a seatbelt may not prevent liver injuries in a car crash, but it could lessen their severity and make a major difference in the accident's consequences and costs, researchers say.

Air pollution linked to fertility treatment failure

Apr 26 2018

(Reuters Health) - Women exposed to high levels of air pollution may have less success getting pregnant with fertility treatments or staying pregnant, compared to women breathing cleaner air, a South Korean study suggests.

Raising retirement age may hit least-educated workers hardest

Apr 18 2018

Reuters Health - People with little education and low socioeconomic status are more likely to leave the workforce in midlife for health reasons than better educated and higher-status workers, suggests a review of research across four developed countries.

Uninsured struggle to obtain, afford doctor appointments

Apr 12 2018

(Reuters Health) - Without some kind of health insurance, getting an appointment with a primary care doctor, and being able to pay in full or over time remains a challenge for millions in the U.S., a recent study suggests.

Fall prevention gets harder when elderly leave hospital

Apr 04 2018

(Reuters Health) - More efforts are needed to prevent falls among the elderly, especially those just discharged from the hospital, Australian researchers say.

U.S. teens often ride with impaired drivers

Mar 26 2018

(Reuters Health) - In a U.S. study, about one-third of young people just out of high school admitted to riding with a driver who was under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs.

Coastal waters tied to swimmers’ risk of infections

Mar 15 2018

(Reuters Health) - Even relatively clean coastal waters are likely to harbor microbes that raise the risk of stomach aches, ear infections and diarrhea for those who venture in, according to a review of over 40 previous studies.

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