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Matthew Ward

Two Virginia Tech victims' families file wrongful death lawsuits

Mar 06 2012

PORTSMOUTH, Virginia The families of two students slain in the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre are seeking to hold the university accountable in a wrongful death lawsuit which got underway on Monday.

Virginia Senate passes ultrasound law minus vaginal probe

Feb 29 2012

PORTSMOUTH, Virginia The Virginia state Senate on Tuesday approved a law forcing a woman to have an ultrasound before an abortion but left out a provision harshly criticized by women's rights groups that might have required a more intrusive vaginal probe.

Virginia repeals law limiting handgun purchases

Feb 28 2012

PORTSMOUTH, Virginia Virginia repealed on Tuesday a law that had limited handgun purchases to one per month, a move that came less than five years after a mentally-ill student shot 32 people to death at a university in the state.

Virginia repeals one-a-month limit on handgun purchases

Feb 28 2012

PORTSMOUTH, Virginia Virginia repealed a one-per-month limit on handgun purchases on Tuesday, less than five years after a mentally-deranged student used handguns to massacre 32 people at Virginia Tech University in the worst single act of gun violence in U.S. history.

Civil War group sues over Virginia city flag ban

Jan 12 2012

PORTSMOUTH, Virginia A group of descendants of Civil War soldiers who fought for the South sued a city in western Virginia on Thursday over a regulation that prevents them from flying Confederate flags.

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