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Maurice Tamman

Ocean Shock: Menus for a warming planet

Nov 07 2018

This series has explored the damaging effects of warming waters in the world's oceans on marine life – and human life. Stressed by this climate change hidden beneath the waves, fish and other marine species are facing enormous disruption. | Video

Ocean Shock: About this project

Nov 07 2018

NEW YORK This project began with a little moment: Reporter Maurice "Mo" Tamman, who lives on a sailboat in New York Harbor, noticed fish in nearby waters that were normally found farther south. He started digging into the data, and he discovered that marine creatures are fleeing warming seas, in an epic underwater refugee crisis.

Ocean Shock: The climate crisis beneath the waves

Nov 07 2018

To stand at the edge of an ocean is to face an eternity of waves and water, a shroud covering seven-tenths of the Earth.

Ocean Shock: Lobster's great migration sets up boom and bust

Nov 07 2018

STONINGTON, Maine A lobster tattoo covers Drew Eaton's left forearm, its pincers snapping at dock lines connecting it to the American flag on his upper arm. The tattoo is about three-quarters done, but the 27-year-old is too busy with his new boat to finish it. | Video

Ocean Shock: Fish flee for cooler waters, upending lives in U.S. South

Nov 07 2018

WANCHESE, N.C. Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Fortunate Son" drifts from Karroll Tillett's workshop, a wooden shed about half a mile from where he was born.

Ocean Shock: Portugal mourns sardines' escape to cooler waters

Nov 07 2018

LISBON A priest in a white robe swings an incense burner, leading the way for thousands of marchers as they cram into a winding cobblestone alley decorated with candy-colored streamers in Lisbon's ancient Alfama neighborhood.

U.S. Navy skydiver killed in parachuting accident in New York Harbor

May 29 2017

JERSEY CITY, N.J. A member of the U.S. Navy's elite skydiving demonstration team plunged to his death on Sunday when his parachute malfunctioned while performing in an aerial exhibition as part of New York Harbor's annual Fleet Week festival. | Video

How the polls, including ours, missed Trump's victory

Nov 09 2016

NEW YORK/LONDON Two days ago, pollsters and statisticians gave Hillary Clinton odds of between 75 and 99 percent of winning the U.S. presidential election. How did so many get it so wrong?

Clinton has 90 percent chance of winning: Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation

Nov 08 2016

NEW YORK With hours to go before Americans vote, Democrat Hillary Clinton has about a 90 percent chance of defeating Republican Donald Trump in the race for the White House, according to the final Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation project. | Video

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