Maurice Tamman

Sept. 11 attacks fuse photographer and survivor in trauma

Sep 10 2021

NEW YORK At 9:59 a.m. on Sept. 11, 2001, the World Trade Center South Tower fell. About 15 minutes later, photographer Shannon Stapleton scrambled over debris, peering through dust and smoke for pictures near the still-standing but crippled North Tower. | Video

Sergeant Bee, immortalized in Afghanistan photo, reflects on war's legacy

Sep 07 2021

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. Today, on a leafy cul-de-sac in North Carolina, his hair is streaked with gray, and he wears his beard long. But on that day 13 years ago, as he sat tucked behind a mud wall in Afghanistan, his head was close-cropped, bare and vulnerable. | Video


May 10 2021

[リヤド 23日 ロイター] - 午前3時、スペイン人の生物学者カルロス・ドゥアルテ氏はサウジアラビアの王宮にいた。この国でもっとも権力を持つ人物を未明までずっと待っていた。

Special Report-He returned to Iran to help save its environment. He had to flee

Apr 27 2021

TORONTO, Canada (Reuters) -Iranian scientist Kaveh Madani's career was in full bloom as he settled into his seat in early 2018 for a flight home from Bangkok to Tehran.

Special Report-Her prophecy of an Australian inferno was correct

Apr 26 2021

MELBOURNE, Australia On an evening in the Southern Hemisphere's late spring that was still cold enough for a jacket, Julie Arblaster joined about 100 other choral singers at the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra rehearsal studio to practice a new piece of music. Its name was "Fire of the Spirit."

Special Report-Can the Saudis' oil money help him save the planet?

Apr 23 2021

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia Spanish biologist Carlos Duarte had been at a Saudi royal palace until three o'clock in the morning, waiting for the country's most powerful man.

Special Report-This Hot Lister advises Bill Gates on climate change

Apr 22 2021

LIZARD ISLAND RESEARCH STATION, Australia A yellow skiff darted across a lagoon along Australia's northeast coast, throttling down as it approached a shallow coral reef. Climate scientist Ken Caldeira piloted the craft while a younger colleague, oceanographer Manoela Romanó de Orte, sat on the bow holding a syringe filled with red dye.

Special Report-Men dominate climate science. She made it to the top - her way

Apr 21 2021

NORWICH, England Climate scientist Corinne Le Quéré sequestered herself in her home office last March. Outside, the streets were empty as Britain retreated from the coronavirus pandemic. The world had come to a halt. In the eerie stillness, she wanted to know: What did all this mean for emissions of carbon dioxide – and for human-driven climate change itself?

Special Report-The Reuters Hot List: the world's top climate scientists

Apr 20 2021

In 1988, U.S. scientist James Hansen went before Congress and testified about his research into the warming of the planet. More than 30 years later, Hansen's prediction that the average global temperature could rise by about 1 degree Celsius (almost 2 degrees Fahrenheit) by 2019 has come to pass. His warning, and appeals for action from Hansen and others, went largely ignored by policymakers, despite an avalanche of confirmatory research from ensuing generations of climate scientists.

Special Report-The methodology behind the Reuters Hot List

Apr 20 2021

This series tells the stories of the scientists who are having the biggest impact on the climate-change debate – their lives, their work and their influence on other scientists, the public, activists and political leaders.

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Biden says United States would come to Taiwan's defense

BALTIMORE (Reuters) -The United States would come to Taiwan's defense and has a commitment to defend the island China claims as its own, U.S. President Joe Biden said on Thursday, though the White House said later there was no change in policy towards the island.