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Brazil's updated climate plan seen lacking credibility as forests shrink

Dec 10 2020

BRASILIA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Continuing large-scale deforestation in Brazil's Amazon region suggests a new government aim to become "carbon neutral" by 2060 lacks credibility, Brazilian scientists said Thursday.

'It burned everything': Fires surge on indigenous land in Brazil

Sep 30 2020

BRASILIA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - On Guató indigenous land, in Brazil's western state of Matto Grosso do Sul, drought-worsened fires this year have burned through 90% of the tribe's 11,000 hectares of territory, incinerating the crops and native plants they depend on.

Surge in forest loss seen if Brazil indigenous reserves opened to mining

Sep 18 2020

BRASILIA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A Brazilian government proposal to open indigenous land in Brazil to mining concessions could lead to the loss of forests over an area larger than England, researchers said Friday.

Mapping environmental crime seen as key to slowing Amazon forest losses

Aug 30 2020

BRASILIA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A share of the cattle supplied to Brazil's markets are fattened on illegally deforested Amazon land. To conceal that fact from buyers, the animals often are passed through many hands and holdings before being sold, Brazilian researchers said.

COVID-19 fears grow for isolated indigenous people in Brazil's Amazon

Jun 30 2020

BRASILIA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Dozens of indigenous people in the Brazilian Amazon's Javari Valley - an area the size of Switzerland and Denmark combined - have contracted COVID-19, with experts and officials warning the disease poses a huge threat to their lives and culture.

FEATURE-Indigenous leaders fear Amazon soy port could be conduit for COVID-19

Jun 10 2020

BRASILIA, June 10 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As the coronavirus pandemic reaches deep into Brazil's Amazon, a ceaseless stream of trucks carry soybeans and construction workers to an expanding port complex in the heart of the forest.

Brazil slashes budget to fight climate change as deforestation spikes

Jun 02 2020

BRASILIA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Efforts to keep the Amazon rainforest standing and reduce Brazil's planet-warming emissions are being hampered by budget cuts for the country's environmental watchdog and its main climate change programme, researchers have said.

Lack of clean water leaves Brazil indigenous reserve exposed to coronavirus

Apr 21 2020

BRASILIA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In Brazil's most populous indigenous reserve, the Guarani Kaiowa people live in fear of catching the novel coronavirus, knowing they have no access to one of the most effective weapons against spreading the infection: running water.

As Amazon fire season looms, smoke and coronavirus could be 'a disaster'

Apr 20 2020

BRASILIA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Deforestation in the Amazon rose by more than half in the first three months of 2020 compared to 2019, and with forest debris likely to be burned starting next month the region could see an even bigger fire season than last year, Amazon researchers said.

FEATURE-Brazil indigenous community banishes miners to cut coronavirus risk

Apr 06 2020

BRASILIA, April 6 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As the new coronavirus reaches into Brazil's indigenous communities for the first time, one village trying to protect itself in the Amazon rainforest has achieved a rare victory: getting illegal gold miners to agree to leave, indefinitely.

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