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Max Baring

Scottish land reforms allow tenants to take control - at a price

Oct 25 2018

EDINBURGH (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When the residents of Garbh Allt in the Scottish Highlands were offered the chance to buy their land from the wealthy family behind the brutal eviction of their ancestors, many were initially hesitant.

Want to save the planet? Move to Wales

Aug 02 2018

GLANDWR, Wales (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Fighting climate change is much more than a day job for Chris Vernon and Erica Thompson. It is their entire way of life.

Urban nomads: Mongolian herders battle new future as leave the land for the city

May 02 2018

ULAANBAATAR (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - With about 100 sheep and goats, Jugder Samdan makes just enough to scrape by as a nomadic herder in Mongolia, basking in the sun as he watches over his animals, but he worries about the future.

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