Max Hunder

Ukrainian gay couple hope Danish wedding will change mindsets at home

Jun 21 2019

KIEV Before Kiev celebrates Pride on Sunday, Roman Ivasiy and Anton Pozdnyakov want to speak publicly about their wedding in the hope it will help change hostile attitudes toward same-sex couples in Ukraine and give courage to those "struck dumb with fear".

HBO's 'Chernobyl' gets mixed reviews from disaster's survivors

Jun 19 2019

CHERNOBYL, Ukraine Critics and viewers on both sides of the Atlantic have lined up to acclaim 'Chernobyl', a dramatization of events surrounding the world's worst nuclear accident - but the reactions of some of the survivors are less rose-tinted. | Video

HBO show success drives Chernobyl tourism boom

Jun 05 2019

CHERNOBYL, Ukraine The success of a U.S. television miniseries examining the world's worst nuclear accident at Chernobyl has driven up the number of tourists wanting to see the plant and the ghostly abandoned town that neighbors it for themselves. | Video

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