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Mayank Bhardwaj

Exclusive: India to spend 6.5 percent more on food subsidies in FY 2019-20 - sources

9:06am EST

NEW DELHI India is poised to raise the subsidies for the world's biggest food welfare program by 6.5 percent for the fiscal year beginning April 1, the smallest increase in three years, in the nation's interim budget next month, two sources directly involved in the decision told Reuters.

After Monsanto patent ruling, Indian farmers hope for next-gen GM seeds

Jan 11 2019

MUMBAI/NEW DELHI Monsanto's victory this week in a patent case in India regarding genetically modified (GM) cotton seeds has raised hopes among farmers that the company will now launch its next-generation seeds.

After Monsanto patent ruling, Indian farmers hope for next-gen GM seeds

Jan 10 2019

* India twice cut royalties that local companies pay to Monsanto

India launches national anti-pollution program, but experts skeptical

Jan 10 2019

NEW DELHI India on Thursday launched a program to rein in dangerous pollution levels in more than a hundred cities that the government said it expected to improve air quality significantly.

Monsanto patent victory seen as a boost for biotech investment in India

Jan 09 2019

NEW DELHI/MUMBAI India's Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that Monsanto can claim patents on its genetically modified (GM) cotton seeds, a victory for the U.S. company that is expected to encourage biotechnology firms to step up investment in the country.

India's top court to name panel to weigh demand for temple on disputed site

Jan 04 2019

NEW DELHI India's Supreme Court will name a panel on Thursday to hear arguments over a controversial plan to build a Hindu temple on the ruins of a 16th-century mosque.

Toxic smog shrouds Indian capital as pollution soars, government measures fail

Jan 03 2019

NEW DELHI Residents of the Indian capital of New Delhi woke on Thursday to a thick, gray smog, as pollution surged to "severe" and "emergency" levels, with authorities showing little sign of finding new solutions to the crisis.

Hardline Hindus push Modi to allow temple on disputed Indian site

Jan 02 2019

NEW DELHI Hindu nationalists linked to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ruling party urged him on Wednesday to push through laws to allow the building of a temple on the ruins of a 16th century mosque, a flashpoint in tensions with minority Muslims.

Insight: Collapse in India's onion prices could leave Modi smarting in election

Dec 28 2018

HIVARGAON/MUJAHIDPUR, India A spike in the price of onions has led to the ouster of governments in Indian elections in the past. Now, prices of the staple have collapsed, and many impoverished farmers are saying they will make Prime Minister Narendra Modi pay in next year's general election.

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