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Special Report: U.S. troops battling racism report high barrier to justice

Sep 15 2020

WASHINGTON By the time he saw a swastika scrawled in the bathroom at Barksdale Air Force base in October 2018, Deven Sherk was already disillusioned with how the Air Force handled racism complaints. The Black airman had filed a complaint alleging discrimination that June when a fellow airman, a white man, hung a noose near him on the base.

Strip-club stimulus reveals lingering uncertainties over U.S. small-business aid

Jul 21 2020

PHILADELPHIA/WASHINGTON Backlights off, music quiet and poles bare, strip clubs across the United States closed earlier this year in the face of COVID-19 social-distancing measures that precluded the up-close nature of the exotic dancing industry. Like many businesses, these cabarets, lounges and gentlemen’s clubs hoped a $660 billion Small Business Administration (SBA) loan program would help them weather the lockdown.

Dozens of expensive private schools received millions in U.S. pandemic loans

Jul 06 2020

NEW YORK At least six dozen expensive private schools, including one where former President Barack Obama's children studied, got between $42 million and $104.25 million in loans under a U.S. program meant to help small businesses weather the coronavirus crisis.

Special Report: U.S. school closures dramatically shrinking public education, Reuters finds

Jun 02 2020

NEW YORK Jennifer Panditaratne’s third-grade daughter had been seeing a reading specialist once a week before her Florida school closed abruptly in March due to the novel coronavirus.

Military landlord, under fire following Reuters reports, issues improvement plan

Apr 08 2020

NEW YORK Military housing landlord Balfour Beatty Communities, the focus of a Justice Department inquiry following Reuters reports it falsified maintenance logs, said it has taken steps to prevent the practice and make its homes safer for service families.

Special Report: How the COVID-19 lockdown will take its own toll on health

Apr 03 2020

NEW YORK It’s the most dramatic government intervention into our lives since World War II. To fight the coronavirus outbreak, governments across the globe have closed schools, travel and businesses big and small. Many observers have fretted about the economic costs of throwing millions of people out of work and millions of students out of school.

Defense Department weakens U.S. military housing bill after consulting industry

Mar 04 2020

NEW YORK A sweeping U.S. military housing reform plan, pitched as a way to protect service families from shoddy homes and unresponsive landlords, has been watered down to remove several protections tenants and Congress had sought.

Air Force agents raid military landlord's Oklahoma office, seize computers

Jan 14 2020

Air Force investigators raided the Oklahoma City offices of a major military landlord Tuesday morning, seizing computers and other material, in what the company said was part of an investigation into asbestos contamination.

U.S. Navy bans TikTok from government-issued mobile devices

Dec 20 2019

Earlier this week the United States Navy banned the social media app TikTok from government-issued mobile devices, saying the popular short video app represented a "cybersecurity threat."

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