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U.S. Senate committee proposes $301 million for military housing reform plan

May 23 2019

WASHINGTON The Senate Armed Services Committee has proposed $301 million in new funding to enhance housing safety and oversight on U.S. military bases, following Reuters reports documenting squalid conditions in privately run military homes, senior committee staff said Thursday.

U.S. military families more negative about housing than landlords claim, survey shows

May 22 2019

NEW YORK U.S. military families are expressing far deeper dissatisfaction with their housing conditions than their private landlords claim, according to a granular survey of tenants at more than 100 bases across the country that was recently presented to Congress.

Senator Warren offers military housing bill to boost inspections, transparency

Apr 26 2019

NEW YORK Senator Elizabeth Warren and other Democratic lawmakers on Friday proposed a bill that offers new protections for U.S. military families facing unsafe housing, following a series of Reuters reports revealing squalid conditions in privately managed base homes.

Senator Blumenthal seeks criminal investigation of shoddy military housing

Mar 07 2019

WASHINGTON U.S. senators demanded accountability for slum-like housing conditions on military bases across the country Thursday, with one calling for a criminal investigation of private landlords granted vast power over tenant housing.

Responding to unsafe military housing, U.S. armed forces unveil tenant bill of rights

Mar 06 2019

WASHINGTON The U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines unveiled a proposed tenant bill of rights on Wednesday that would hand more power to military families facing housing hazards and place enhanced scrutiny on private landlords drawing billions in fees from their military partnerships.

Army landlords agree to expand tenant rights, curb fees in latest reform after Reuters reports

Feb 21 2019

NEW YORK The U.S. Army’s private landlords committed this week to providing military families greater say and safer homes, endorsing a military blueprint that aims to reduce hazards in base housing and give tenants a stronger voice when problems arise.

Exclusive: Air Force to push Congress for military housing tenant bill of rights

Feb 18 2019

WASHINGTON Aiming to grant military families far greater say to challenge hazardous housing, the U.S. Air Force told Reuters Monday it will push Congress to enact a tenant bill of rights allowing families the power to withhold rent or break leases to escape unsafe conditions.

Senators vow urgent reform to correct 'unacceptable' military housing conditions

Feb 13 2019

WASHINGTON U.S. Senators scolded real estate executives and Pentagon leadership over "unacceptable" conditions in privatized military housing on Wednesday, vowing urgent reform to protect service families from widespread health and safety hazards in base homes. | Video

Military survey finds deep dissatisfaction with family housing on U.S. bases

Feb 13 2019

WASHINGTON A new survey of military families living on U.S. bases found most are dissatisfied with their housing, often citing serious health and safety hazards – results that counter years of Pentagon reports claiming soaring satisfaction rates among military housing tenants.

Senators Warren, Warner question contractors, military on unsafe housing

Feb 07 2019

NEW YORK Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has become the latest congressional leader to press for answers from military contractors over Reuters reports describing unsafe housing conditions on U.S. bases, sending letters this week to five large real estate firms seeking detailed information about their operations and profits.

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