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European mayors urge wider political push to step up climate action

Nov 14 2018

BARCELONA, Nov 14 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - European cities are seeking greater recognition and support for their pioneering efforts to tackle climate change, both from national governments and the European Union, mayors leading the charge said on Wednesday.

Fast-growing African cities at 'extreme risk' from climate change: analysts

Nov 13 2018

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Africa's rapidly expanding cities face huge threats from climate change over the next 30 years, which could bring knock-on effects such as higher crime rates and civil unrest, risk analysts said on Wednesday.

Finance for electricity access too little, too dirty: energy body

Nov 11 2018

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Finance to provide electric power to nearly 1 billion people who live without it is rising - but too slowly to meet a global goal to reach everyone by 2030, an international body said on Monday.

Cities seek cash, tech to activate plans for safer, greener future

Oct 30 2018

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As 1.4 million people move to cities each week, local abilities to keep residents safe can become strained, increasing the risk of disasters, warned the United Nations secretary-general.

U.N. climate fund gets 'back on rails' ahead of December talks

Oct 22 2018

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The world's biggest fund for tackling climate change in the developing world has approved investment of about $1 billion in new projects and launched a process to refill its coffers, putting it back on track after a difficult few months.

'Insurance gap' threatens disaster-vulnerable poor nations: Lloyd's

Oct 21 2018

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Disaster-prone developing nations, including Bangladesh and Indonesia, are exposed to crippling losses when storms, floods or earthquakes strike because they suffer from a dangerous lack of insurance, industry experts said on Monday.

Could developing-world cities make or break the 1.5C warming goal?

Oct 12 2018

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The future that fast-growing cities in South Asia and Africa choose - cleaner and safer, or dirtier and more dangerous - will be pivotal to efforts to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, scientists said in a key U.N. report this week.

Scientists champion forests as 'unsung hero' of climate action

Oct 05 2018

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Scientists from around the world called for stepped-up efforts to use forests to keep global warming to the lowest limit agreed by governments in 2015, as a key report on how to meet that goal is finalised in South Korea this week.

Ban Ki-moon, Gates lend muscle to help world weather climate change

Sep 13 2018

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A high-powered commission set to launch next month aims to strengthen funding and practical solutions for people and economies coping with climate change.

U.N. chief turns up heat on governments to cool climate change

Sep 11 2018

BARCELONA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As the planet's population struggles with fiercer heatwaves, storms and wildfires, governments face growing pressure to step up their action to curb climate change by 2020, after a flagship speech by the United Nations' chief on Monday.

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