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Egypt wants to register millions of gig workers for state insurance, aid

Mar 01 2021

CAIRO, March 1 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Egypt will start registering millions of gig workers in order to offer them health insurance and emergency state aid during the coronavirus pandemic, which has taken a particularly heavy toll on the nation's ad-hoc employees, officials said.

Egypt arrests father, nurse for female genital mutilation of 15-year-old

Feb 02 2021

CAIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Egypt arrested a father and a retired nurse on Tuesday for carrying out female genital mutilation (FGM) on a 15-year-old girl, after announcing plans to toughen the penalty to 20 years.

Egypt's cabinet toughens law banning female genital mutilation

Jan 21 2021

CAIRO, Jan 21 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Egypt's cabinet has toughened a law banning female genital mutilation (FGM) - imposing jail terms of up to 20 years as part of efforts to stamp out the ancient practice.

Egyptian women jailed over TikTok posts to face trafficking charges

Jan 15 2021

CAIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Two young Egyptian women whose jail sentences for posting on TikTok were overturned earlier this week will have to stay in prison for another two weeks and face human trafficking charges, a lawyer said on Friday.

The new face of Egypt's parliament: led by 83-year-old female lawmaker

Jan 13 2021

CAIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - When 83-year-old Farida El Choubachy ran for parliament in Egypt last year, she did not expect to win, let alone become the first woman in 42 years to preside over its opening session.

Egyptian court orders two female TikTok stars be freed from jail

Jan 12 2021

CAIRO, Jan 12 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - An Egyptian court on Tuesday ruled in favour of two female TikTok stars who were jailed last year for accounts that were found to violate family morals and for posting indecent videos.

Trailblazing woman mechanic changes wheels, oil and stereotypes in Egypt

Jan 05 2021

ESNA, Egypt (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Lekaa El Kholy's father used to rub a little blackened engine oil onto her face and tell her to wear overalls when they went to the Egyptian city of Luxor to buy supplies for his car repair workshop.

'Lift like a girl': Documentary celebrates Egypt's female weightlifters

Dec 22 2020

CAIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - On a busy street corner in the Egyptian city of Alexandria, an open-air training camp for female weightlifters has been inspiring women to reach the top of the sport for two decades - smashing taboos in the process.

Egypt fights sexual harassment on the train with commuter campaign

Dec 14 2020

CAIRO (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Sexual harassment is so common on Egypt's railways that many women avoid travelling by train, but a new initiative aims to make female passengers feel safer and embolden victims of abuse to report it.

Bedouins go back to their roots in Egypt as COVID-19 hits tourism

Nov 06 2020

SAINT CATHERINE, Egypt (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - For years, Um Saad has been urging fellow Bedouins to tend their orchards and vegetable patches in the mountains of Egypt's South Sinai. It took a pandemic for them to listen to her.

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