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Vietnam oil executives apologize to Communist Party in corruption trial

Jan 17 2018

HANOI Vietnamese executives on trial for losses at a scandal-hit state oil firm used their final statement in court on Wednesday to apologize to the ruling Communist Party, media said, as Vietnam's biggest corruption trial for years draws to a close.

Vietnam seeks lengthy jail terms for former officials of state oil firm: media

Jan 11 2018

HANOI Prosecutors in Vietnam were seeking long jail terms on Thursday for a former member of the country's ruling politburo and a high-profile former official over losses of hundreds of millions of dollars at a state oil firm, domestic media said.

Former Vietnam official points to ex-PM in high-profile trial

Jan 10 2018

HANOI A former Vietnamese politburo member on trial over the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars at state oil firm PetroVietnam has testified that a key decision was taken by the previous prime minister, according to video published on local media.

At Vietnam's biggest corruption trial, some skeptical views

Jan 10 2018

HANOI/LOS ANGELES Vietnam is gripped by its highest profile corruption trial in memory, but some spectators are questioning whether the Communist Party elite in the dock were charged because of infighting in the ruling class or a crackdown on abuse of office.

Vietnam starts high-profile trial over oil firm losses

Jan 08 2018

HANOI Vietnam began the trial on Monday of 22 executives charged over losses totaling hundreds of millions of dollars at the state oil firm, PetroVietnam, with the most serious offences potentially carrying the death penalty.

Vietnam starts high-profile trial over oil firm losses

Jan 07 2018

HANOI, Jan 8 Vietnam put 22 executives on trial over losses at the state oil firm on Monday, including a businessman Germany accuses Hanoi of kidnapping from a Berlin park and the communist state's first politburo member to face trial in decades.

Vietnam arrests fugitive tycoon deported from Singapore

Jan 05 2018

SINGAPORE/HANOI A fugitive Vietnamese property tycoon who is accused of spilling state secrets was arrested in Hanoi on Thursday after Singapore deported him, despite appeals that his life could be in danger in Vietnam. | Video

Coffee, tea or bikini? VietJet stands by racy calendar in face of criticism

Dec 28 2017

HANOI/SINGAPORE Vietnam's VietJet Aviation said on Thursday it was standing by a controversial "bikini" calendar, a marketing ploy featuring scantily clad female models that has prompted criticism in conservative Southeast Asia and beyond.

Vietnam braces for typhoon as Philippine toll rises to 230 dead

Dec 25 2017

HANOI/MANILA Authorities in Vietnam prepared to move a million people from low-lying areas along the south coast on Monday as a typhoon approached after it battered the Philippines with floods and landslides that killed more than 230 people. | Video

Vietnam reviews toll road after rare protests

Dec 08 2017

HANOI Vietnam's government has promised a full review of charges at a toll gate on a new road after protests there posed a rare challenge to the Communist authorities and showed signs of spreading.

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