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Remains of 'Big John', largest known triceratops, fetch nearly $8 million

Oct 21 2021

PARIS (Reuters) -A private, anonymous U.S. collector bought the fossilised remains of 'Big John', the largest triceratops dinosaur ever discovered by paleontologists, for 6.65 million euros ($7.74 million) at a Paris auction on Thursday. | Video

Paris art fair gets back to business after COVID pause

Oct 21 2021

PARIS After missing a year, the contemporary art world's annual get-together in Paris is roaring back to life with a feast of viewings, deal-making and social mingling - and a nod to the impact of COVID-19 in some of the works on display.

A French court artist stares into the eyes of an Islamic State militant

Sep 30 2021

PARIS French court artist Elisabeth de Pourquery stared intently into the eyes of the self-avowed Islamic State militant and fixed an image she would capture for posterity.

"So violent, so sudden": trial may help France come to grips with Nov. 2015 attacks

Sep 06 2021

PARIS History teacher Christophe Naudin's life was shattered six years ago when what should have been a pleasant evening out at a concert became the target of jihadists in the most deadly attack in peacetime France.

French medical couple resist COVID-19 jab despite threat to jobs

Aug 18 2021

VILLEJUIF, France They could lose their jobs, might jeopardise their mortgage and have experienced a rift with some colleagues, but a couple of French health workers are determined not to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Coffee and croissant in a French cafe? You'll need a COVID pass for that

Aug 09 2021

PARIS The French morning ritual of a coffee and croissant became more complicated on Monday as people had to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test before taking a seat at their favourite cafe, though numerous eateries ignored the new rules. | Video

Spike Lee jumps gun at Cannes with 'Titane' Palme d'Or reveal

Jul 18 2021

(Corrects title of one of the Jury Prize winners in the last paragraph to "Ahed's Knee") | Video

Cannes film 'Paris 13th district' shows another side of the French capital

Jul 15 2021

French director Jacques Audiard's new film "Paris 13th district" ("Les Olympiades") does not show the Eiffel Tower, Haussmann buildings or the River Seine.

Film fans, holidaymakers mingle for COVID-conscious Cannes comeback

Jul 06 2021

CANNES, France Armed with coronavirus tests and face masks, movie stars will start arriving in Cannes from Tuesday for the return of the world's biggest film festival, which aims to help cinema bounce back from the blow dealt it by the global pandemic. | Video

Glass half full for Cannes hotels as festival guests return after 2020 washout

Jun 29 2021

CANNES, France After COVID-19 put paid to their summer showpiece in 2020, relieved Cannes hotel and restaurant are gearing up for next month's return of the world's biggest film festival as bookings rise - but business as usual it isn't. | Video

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