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Mike Corones

Now available from Wal-Mart: sunlight

May 15 2015

The company will disclose state-level lobbing spending for the first time.

The USDA’s honey bee report is a buzzkill

May 14 2015

The USDA just released a report on the state of America's honey bees, and the news is not that sweet.

The surprising numbers in Verizon’s AOL buy

May 13 2015

In the realm of global telecom mergers, Verizon's purchase of AOL is little more than a side note. But it's a lucrative one for those who bet on AOL back in 2009.

Low oil prices have cost tens of thousands of American jobs

May 12 2015

Planned layoffs in the energy sector have grown precipitously this calendar year, reflecting badly bruised oil prices.

How an El Nino works

May 11 2015

There's a good chance this will be an El Nino year. Here's how one works.

Who will rule Britannia?

May 07 2015

It is safe to say that nobody knows what the British government will look like three months from now.

Banking on where Millennials will put their money

May 06 2015

Millennials aren't that different from past generations -- they're just delayed.

Mapping Boko Haram’s decline in Nigeria

May 05 2015

As this Reuters graphic shows, since launching a counter-attack against Boko Haram in January, the Nigerian army and some 8,700 allied troops have systemically contained the Islamist fighting force Boko Haram.

Not that kind of libertarian: Poll shows fondness for government programs

Apr 30 2015

As this Reuters graphic shows, a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted earlier this month found that one in five Americans self-identify as libertarian, with percentages skewing higher the younger the cohort. One in three respondents aged 18-29 consider themselves libertarian, but just 12 percent of those 60 or older similarly self-identify. Additionally, 25 percent of independents consider themselves libertarian, a rate considerably higher than that of either major party.

More cops per person in Baltimore than most U.S. cities

Apr 28 2015

Baltimore's problem with policing isn't due to a lack of police.

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